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You can read about previous activity at What we did last year

2017-01-17 Tuesday

  • Mended a USB microscope
  • Fixed a faulty laptop
  • Sascha has started building a pump, laser cutter, drill press and lathe have already been used
  • Nick, Paul and Jon discussed the laser power problems.
  • Nick helped Jon turn a 2d AutoCAD drawing into a 3D .stl file using fusion360
  • The model plane tail was covered in Solartex
  • Welcome to three new faces today
  • Anthony gave a 30 min talk that generated a lot of discussion
  • Andres put some draft blocker on the glass door. A young maker helped!
  • Vina, Kevin and Andres discussed about repairing leatherwork (a coin pouch).
  • Discussed about joining forces with a certain department of Kingston Uni.
  • Attendance tonight = 21, maybe many more. I lost count

2017-01-10 Tuesday

  • Very busy tonight
  • Further progress on the Tomboy model plane - the tail assembly has now been skinned by Ben and his dad
  • Spontaneous group discussion and analysis of modern consumer router hardware between Ryan and three new RML members
  • Jon and Terry discussed model railway items, Jon is developing his own kit and the first 'approval' castings have arrived.
  • Sascha shadowed Jon at the laser cutter then made his own keyring.
  • New member Jaroslav diagnosed a faulty electric fruit juicer controller
  • PaulB helped a HUG member transfer his files from a failing hard drive to a new one
  • Dan made an appearance holding up a mobile phone and looking makerspace brilliant
  • Kevin refurbished a laptop for a nearby resident
  • Jon and Paul discussed the cause of poor laser performance, Paul cleaned the lenses, and together we measured the laser power, our 60W tube is only delivering about 30, and by the time it reached the lense it seemed to be down to only 14 - no wonder everything is taking so long - a prolonged session of test firing and adjustment of mirrors ensued - net effect TBC.
  • We left one of the heaters on overnight :( - new project to set it on a self timer required!
  • Attendance tonight = 14

2017-01-03 Tuesday

  • Good progress on the Tomboy model plane by Emm and Ben
  • More instruction in the ways of Linux by Ryan, for Emm and Ben
  • Kevin had a problem laptop that might have been past repair
  • David W brought a laptop with trouble at boot-up. The Hard Disk was put under analysis by SpinRite, a process that might still be in progress.
  • Three new faces today, with interests in 3D printing and robotics. We hope to see you all regularly.
  • Carl arrived late, after a hard day's work. He was interested to see the mechanical binary counter prototyped by IanB.
  • Attendance tonight = 12

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