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Some ideas of ways we can help Ham Close residents in the coming weeks.

  • Links or real data plots of actual house prices and rent price in Ham and in particular Ham close.
  • Make a Doll house size version of flats.
  • Suggest to Ham Close Residents to talk to independent town planners and arquitects of the area. Many live and Ham and some contribute to [hamandpetershamforum.org Ham and Petersham Forum] Speaking to them they said they would answer questions by emailing info@hamandpetershamforum.org with the subject line [Ham Close Resident Question].
  • Think what facilities you have now that would like to keep and what facilities you would like to have that you do not any more.
  • If loosing your garage space would having a community workshop where you can for example pump your tyres help?

Workshop help

Ham Close 3D model

Little house (our makerlabs HQ) is in the heart of Ham close. This is part of the Ham Uplift program so we can help out with a model to visualize what can be done. How much space to 400 new homes of different sizes take? How would your arrange them? Building Blocks

Flat 3D model

This can be done with Sweet Home3D quickly. it is good to see how the things from your old flat will fit in your new flat.

Financial information

Gaston Pees are selling a one bedroom flat in Ham Close for £289k. House price evolution I have at the moment, got the following:

Ideally we would get a plot to show the evolution of house prices and rents of TW10 vs those of Ham Close TW10 7**?

Information about RHP

Info about what they do, how are they doing and how it is going for them. Check out the reports here:


Proposed improvements

Memory aides

Using laser cutter to laser signs for old people Aide memoir board

  • Is the door locked
  • Have you taken your medicines
  • Is the gas cooker turned off
  • ...

For the Elderly

Firebrigade or social services to see what we can make or build that will make a small difference to the elderly.


Putting up bee and insect hotels around Ham Lands (or Little house?) [[4]]

Ham Close intraweb

Something similar to bristol wireless or something simpler like a way to have access to wikipedia download a small batch of pages and once a max capacity is reached start overwriting least used pages. Also if Ham Close is cut off from the web at some point (due to some ISP failure) we would still be able to comunicate amongst ourselves. This will need a server hosting in the area. We can use cantenna or or light with openwrt with this little fellow

Having servers mean that neighbors have access to do their static web pages to host their CVs. [Andres.HamClose.co.uk Andres.HamClose.co.uk]

Ham Close Community workshop

As a Ham Close resident you would have access to o a community workshop to fix your car, bike, or gadget. or just to do general maintaince. No need to buy expensive tools that you will only use once a year or less.

Intelligent Home with voice commands

  • Mycroft or Jasper
  • probably helps people with disabilities.