Repurposing novo

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Another message from Andy?!

  • Yep, sorry, but this is an FYI in case I've broken a website you wanted on novo (likely). So let me know if that's the case
  • The overall plan is to make sure I can recreate what's on novo to rebuild it as a virtual server host

Stage 1 - complete

  • Web traffic is now routing through a reverse proxy (Nginx on a new virtual server)
  • The let's encrypt certificate now sits on this proxy.
  • https:// is now enforced on all traffic to the proxy, even if it's not afterwards


  • I'm making ;)
  • Previously everything web went to novo. Now I can direct it to other machines where wanted. e.g. a live area and a test area we can break without problems
  • It hopefully keeps things running from novo if you were using them whilst I build new toys
  • Spin up a server, test, break it, throw it away, without worring
  • anyone?

Stage 2/3 etc

  • Recreating content from novo on new server(s)
  • shared documents across machines/ (cloud?)
  • easy backup/ replication etc of our wiki/ website

Tying us in knots?

  • It's not too bad actually. As always it's the learning and trying different solutions that's taking time. Easy once you know how.
    • I may regret saying it's not too bad
  • More than happy to wiki instructions for it all and train when I'm confident