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Blog 2019

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''You can read about previous activity at'' [[Blog_2018| What we did last year ]]
=2019-07-09 Tuesday=
* Andrew beavering away with software design
* Carla designed some things, possibly related to keyrings
* PeterHow has fixed a Pi4 into a Lego case, what next?
* AndyH helping out and taking a look at the CNC router
* Jon kept busy
* Ed showed James how to engrave initials on to a wooden case, using the laser cutter
* Leo offered to get a few more 3D printers operational. Starting with the Deltamaker.
* Hi to Delilah, who came to llok round. Delilah has plans to build a hedgehog shelter.
* MartinL wired up the power circuit for the ekranoplan, and confirmed it works with remote control.
* JohnW had some laser cutting to do
* Garret spent some time assembling a cardboard marble be continued. Garret was careful not to utter any spoilers for 'Stranger Things'
* PaulB helped Leo get started with re-commissioning the Deltamaker
* JeanL looked in, had some wood to cut, PaulB lent a hand.
* Letitia needed to laser-cut a new leather collar for the jacket she had made
* Patrick brought a damaged laptop, AndyH took some steps towards fixing it...also to be continued.
* ''' Attendance tonight = 17 '''
=2019-07-02 Tuesday=
*Chris was doing some coding
*Carla was watching football, organising a BBQ and designing
*PaulE was looking at the CNDCNC*''' Attendance Tonight = 11'''
=2019-06-25 Tuesday=

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