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What we have been doing at Little House (or meetings online)

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2021-01-12 Tuesday

  • PeterH has created a replica Radio Electronic Token Block, which is a radio communications based version of the former 'key' passing procedure used on trains passing through a single track two-directional section. What software people would call a 'semaphore' or 'Mutex'.
  • On request, PeterH demonstrated the Ballister which was clearly able to throw an object across a room.
  • MartinC got his mic working after a week or two of problems. He's built a 48V phantom power supply, and he now knows about 4-pole jack plugs (with TRRS connections). The noise-cancelling gismo acts as a USB headphone drive as well as a microphone interface. Martin didn't say how many stars he would award, but it sounded not far short of 5.
  • MartinC has also got his 3D printer back up and running. He's driving it direct from a computer now instead of relying on an SD card.
  • IanB said he was working on a motor for opening and closing a window blind, but had no work-in-progress to show and tell.
  • IanB spoke about his hobby of challenging parking tickets on technical grounds, and went into a lot of unnecessary detail on his current dispute which has reached an appeal to the London Tribunal.
  • Garret related a parking ticket tale of his own, involving photographic evidence and the regular display of incompetence by the local parking authority. It ran for almost a year, and had a good ending where no money was paid.
  • Someone (sorry I don't remember who but it might have been PeterH) recommended StreamDeck, or was it software that simulated StreamDeck without the cost of the hardware? Anyway, the main thing is that you can put this software on a tablet and get it to generate macro keyboard sequences into a different computer.
  • Jon still has no solution for the (Lenovo) laptop with lost USB/bluetooth. After the reputation of Lenovo was ground into dust, PeterH offered a possible solution using a Raspberry Pi on the same local network. This would employ Internet Connection Sharing, so a mouse on the Pi could send control codes to the errant laptop. Jon will look into it.
  • And that was more or less that.
  • Attendance tonight = 6

2021-01-05 Tuesday

  • Plans for the zombie apocalypse
  • Clipping 9v batteries together
  • Jigsaw
  • Leaves on track
  • Slippery train at Shepperton
  • Whale train in Holland
  • Flask safety testing
  • Worst train crashes
    • Harrow & Wealdstone
    • West Coast Main Line
  • How to remove the LT roundel from an underground station
  • Terry Pratchett
    • The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents
    • Cohen the Barbarian and his silver hoard
    • The last Hero
  • Arecibo collapse
  • Hammersmith Bridge
  • Attendance tonight = 6