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What we have been doing at Little House

Previous years blogs are available from the Main Page

2023-01-17 Tuesday

  • IanM gave help to Steve and to MartinL
  • Charlie used LibreCad to progress his design for a laser cut truck
  • Aiden used LibreCad to define a castle shape to be laser cut
  • Steve had a session with IanM
  • Andrew has built a tank track model with 4 motors and intelligent control
  • PaulM needed to repair a Navtex receiver
  • MartinL had to repair an electric wheel. IanM gave advice
  • Raphael set up 2 3D print jobs
  • Alfia mended a lampshade.
  • Panos is making a jig to hold an angle grinder to cut through stainless steel pipe
  • Spencer brought in an electric piano needing two new connecters to be fitted. A successful repair thanks to IanM
  • Attendance tonight = 12

2023-01-10 Tuesday

  • Ian.M put right a long-standing looseness in the lathe tailstock. He got the alignment precise down to the sub-millimetre level
  • Andrew is doing something with geared motors and a tank track
  • PaulE came for the evening, doing some coding and sharing some nice butterscotch squares
  • Paul_D returned, having got a 3D file for the snowman, from last week. Matt showed how the 3D model could be tweaked and modified. IanB took the stl file and sliced it with Cura in vase mode so it would be hollow inside. This was printed in white PLA and took about 80 minutes. The final object had some imperfections which could be put right before a re-print. Paul took the printed object to see how a light bulb could be able to clip in.
  • Martinl mused over next steps in the e-Iset build. See last year's blog for the back story.
  • Steve brought in a buck converter that was in need of repair. With some help and guidance he located a chip that needs replacement.
  • Felix has a cordless drill, not working. With the assistance of Ian.M, it came apart and the insides could be examined. By the end of the evening it was all put back together, but whether working or not, I don't know. IanM (talk): It worked, but we suspect its NiCd pack is a little sad
  • Felix also had a fan cooled light box, which is used in helping plants to grow where there's not enough natural light. One fan was making a nasty noise. Everything got tested individually, and after re-assembly it all seemed to be working well.
  • Hello and welcome to PeterV. He's got skills in electronics and would like to get back to making things. On this visit, Peter managed to help Felix with the light box. Thanks for helping out.
  • Kevin returned a sander that he had been loaned. It needs a little TLC to bring it back into good operational use, but hey, we mend things so that's not beyond us.
  • Spencer looked in with an electric piano. It had a couple of badly connected ribbon cables. We all advised that the only way forward would be to replace the insulation displacement connectors with new ones. You can't re-use them. It just doesn't work. New connectors were put on order and we hope to see Spencer next week for the fitting.
  • Attendance tonight = 12

2023-01-03 Tuesday

  • Steve brought in a multimeter he had bought online for about £4, that should have been priced at £24. Good deal! He also prototyped a PWM dimmer circuit based on a 555 timer, with the help of IanM (who later drew the schematic in LTspice and simmed it).
  • Dan brought some 3D prints he had made at home using vase mode. These are thin-walled and translucent, ideal for putting coloured string lights inside.
  • DavidN was experimenting with creating a light-proof UV exposure box. This could be used within a photo-etching process for making printing plates.
  • Hi to Raph and Alfia, who we haven't seen for a while. Raph set up some 3D printing and Alfia donated some useful odds and ends to help fill our shelf boxes. Remember all the stuff on the shelves is free for anybody to use.
  • Hello and welcome to Richard, Paul and David. Three people new to RML who immediately seemed to fit right in. Paul wants to make a replacement snowman for a 20-year-old string of Christmas lights. There was some general discussion about possible approaches, and David not only suggested photogrammetry scanning but also took 200 photos of the sample snowman from different angles, uploaded the pics to and received back a 3-dimensional image. Next week Paul will 3D print the snowman in white PLA.
  • Matt gave Richard an introduction into computer aided design, using Fusion360. Richard plans to use the CNC mill to cut out legs for a plant pot holder.
  • Attendance tonight = 10

Previous years blogs are available from the Main Page