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Currently a work in progress.... technical aspects currenlty with Ryan and Andy

Current live questions between Andy & Ryan


  • ONVIF Device Manager used to get access to the cameras and do basic setup
    • Doesn't seem to allow H.265 but Andy thinks this is a profile setting in the software
  • Bundled software is a NETSurveillance WEB - an ancient activeX plugin for internet explorer(!) -
    • Andy's currently hosting a virtual machine with this on - this seems to have a bit more functionality thank ONVIF DM for the setup
  • Ryan has setup a test of shinobiCCTV - Andy yet to play with


  • Ryan kindly donated some cameras

  • There is a manual floating around for them but it's on limited use - a generic software guide to the activeX control (see software)

Questions for RML

  • Part of this was to make vulnerable people on their own feel safer...
    • Do we want a machine that displays the outside camera constantly - or web page?
  • Only record on motion
    • To cover car park?
  • Camera locations?
    • Making them secure?

Recording Policy

  • How long do we keep recordings for?
    • Length of time, or disk space?

Non-technical aspects

2018-06-07 - John - DO we need to put signs up that CCTV is in use, who administrates our scheme etc..