Equipment and Tool Defect List

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Equipment & Tool Defect and Repairs List
Tool / Equipment Snag Date Reported By Reported To Fixed By Date Fixed Comments
Zombie 3D printer X-axis motor drive 17/05/2022 Ian B Ian B 23/05/2022
Zombie 3D printer X-axis motor drive 26/05/2022 Andy Andy Andy 31/05/2022
Geetech 3D printer Thermistor replacement 26/05/2022 Andy Andy Andy 31/05/2022
Tenon saw Broken & blunt 02/06/2022 Chris R Chris R Ian B 22/06/2022
Laser Cutter Red light intermittant 16/06/2022 Kim Ian B Andy / Ian B 21/06/2022
Lathe Blows 10A fuse 19/07/2022 Ian B Ian B Ian B circa 06/09/2022
Dremel Broken attachments + not chucking them 26/07/2022 Raphael Ian B Ian M 02/08/2022 Replaced broken collet. Many Dremel tool bits are wear items and are expected to wear out or break - please report if supplies of any specific type are running low.
Zombie 3D printer Extruder heater fault 10/09/2022 Andy Ian B Ian B 03/10/2022
Geetech 3D printer Z-limit not working 13/09/2022 Ian B Ian B
Laser Cutter Not cutting as well as it was 4/10/2022 Hassan Ian B Ian B 04/10/2022 Still not cutting well as of 11/10/2022

Transcribed from the paper Equipment Snags list on the cloakroom door. If there is no date fixed, please assume the item is still unavailable. This is not a 'live' defect list, and tools/equipment may fail unexpectedly between its update and your intended visit.

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