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Bluetooth sound speakers

Have a search with your Bluetooth device for "Belkin HD". Make sure the speaker is plugged in!


We have a Black and white network printer in the space. Look for the Hewlett Packard laser printer. Please use the papers from the drawers bellow rather than the printer tray! The printer is physically located in the office space.

Sewing machine

There is a mini sewing machine from John Lewis on loan from Andres. Feel free to use when ever. It is to the right of the plasma screen.


There is a Littlehouse server currently installed in the office space. Please search Server NOVO in this wiki for more details.

Electronics and workbench

We have soldering iron, multimeters, wires and some arduino bits.

3D printer

Delta maker 3D printer. it is connected to the network via octoprint. When you are at little house point your web browser to

Laser cutter

Please clear with Kim before using it.

Plasma screen

Huge screen. Can't miss it. HDMI, DVI, ... sound is the only thing that does not work.


In the kitchen. Please ask Jon, Ian B. or Paul B. before using it. It is dangerous.

CNC machine

In the cloakroom. Please ask Paul B. or Nick before using it. It is dangerous


Yes we have one of those. Wheel chair accessible.


Kettle, sink, fridge, cups a plenty, ...

Desktop computers

1 connected to plasma, 1 near the kitchen, 1 in the office space.