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Thinking of coming to say hello and have a look around?

We appreciate it's sometimes uncomfortable to walk into a room of people and introduce yourself. Some of these points may help you understand what to expect.

  1. First off, just come down to see us and have a look around, no forms to fill out before.
  1. We do ask that anyone under 18 is accompanied by an adult
  2. Check we're open: We meet nearly every Tuesday from 7.30 at this location - any announcements will be on the Main Page
  3. We'll give you a copy of this when you visit but feel free to read through the Member info notes. (small PDF download)
  4. Have a look through our Facilities Page to see if there's anything we have that takes your interest.
  5. Someone will be able to welcome you and give you a tour - but it's done on a first come, first served basis so you may have to wait a short period.
  6. It's worth noting that some tools need training before use. Whether we're able to do that on the night is largely down to who is available, but if you're aiming to use something specific please feel free to ask through methods below
  7. You'll probably get the most out of your first session if you come with something you want to achieve - but it's no problem if you just want to come and say hello and get a sense of what's there. Just be aware that, whilst people can often help with advice on how to do things, we don't currently have projects to suggest.
  8. Most importantly, people are friendly and please feel free to wander round and ask people what sorts of things they're working on - they'll usually be keen to show you.

To Say hello before your visit