Ham Fair 2017

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Ham Fair will be held on Saturday 10th June 2017


We started by holding a planning meeting at the Ham Brewery Tap on 5th May.

Assuming that we can use one of the HUG gazebos, we need a long banner to hang on the top, displaying our name. Maybe two banners, to include the other side of the gazebo.

We need a big poster with our message, and some flyers with all the details and the contact info. What is our message? Two possibilities currently:

  • (1) A definition of the word 'makerspace'
  • (2) Showing that you can realise your idea. Think of a gadget or a thingy, and transform the idea into reality, a working prototype or model.

More suggestions are welcome, including suggestions for developing the two we currently have.

Ideally, the poster would be equally relevant to both techies and crafters. Our message should also include the idea that we are here to serve the community.

Then we need a bunch of stuff to show what we already have done.

  • A board with photos of completed projects
  • A continually running video displayed on a laptop, showing 3D printer and laser cutter, lathe and more
  • A 3D printer making keyfobs customised with a person's name
  • Arthur's car project? Does it avoid obstacles? Is it available
  • Get that robot arm working, moving about
  • The egg-bot, with functional software
  • A game involving guttering, Lego and pumped water (Carl has the details)
  • Paul's wiggly pipe game is always a hit
  • Steampunk Coffee Machine, if available

That was our planning meeting.

RML now needs people to volunteer, to step up and each handle one aspect of it. With enough hands and a bit of co-ordination it will be a great Ham Fair.

If everyone one does nothin' it will be a great Ham fail.

Next steps

  • Andrea and Emma are designing poster. And Flyers.
  • Kris will print poster A0
  • Andrea and Emma will be redesigning front page of RML to have the same aesthetic as flyers
  • Ian, Dan and Ryan are supporting IT infrastructure for the above. If Wordpress too complicated we can have a static page as proposed by Ryan
  • Someone to get the gazebo banner printed and supplied
  • Someone to organize logistics procedure (check lessons learnt)
  • Print HUG membership Forms


  • Ian to bring 3D printer, capable of making key fobs customised with a person's name
    • (Needs big 12v battery, and a power source for laptop)
  • Paul B to bring the wiggly pipe game
    • (Just a new 9v battery)
  • Eggbot with ping-pong balls
    • (Requires re-assembling, then someone to sort the Arduino software) Andres
    • (Needs battery to run the arduino and motors)
    • (Requires pingpong balls)
  • Robot arm moving about
    • (Has to be mounted on a base and connected to an Arduino) Ian B
    • (Arduino Software) Yaroslav
    • (Needs battery, can share with egg-bot battery)
  • Laptop display
    • (Someone to record a video of laser cutter, lathe and CNC machine in use)
    • (Needs laptop with battery or alternate power source)
  • Things to show off
    • 3D printed items
    • Laser cut objects
    • CNC milled shapes
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino
    • Joule thief

Volunteers on the day

  • Set-up 09:30 - 10:30 4 people needed. Also car to move stuff
  1. Andres
  2. Paul
  3. Ian B
  4. Carl
  • Morning session 11:00 - 14:00 2 people per session.
    • 11:00 Paul, Ian B
    • 11:30 Paul, Ian B
    • 12:00 Paul, Ian B
    • 12:30 Paul, carl
    • 13:00 Paul, carl
    • 13:30 Paul, carl

  • Afternoon session 14:00 - 17:00 2 people per session
    • 14:00 Paul, carl
    • 14:30 Paul, carl
    • 15:00 Paul, carl
    • 15:30 Paul, carl
    • 16:00 Paul, carl
    • 16:30 Paul, carl
    • 17:00 Paul, carl
  • Pack-away 17:00 - 18:30 4 people and a car.
  1. Paul
  2. Ian B
  3. carl
  4. imi

(more input goes here)