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We currently use [RDworks] to control the lasercutter but most people use this as the final step in their toolpath,having done design in fusion/ inkscape/ illustrator etc.

RDworks has some key flaws such as deciding not to support files from previous versions.

Lightburn is under active development and has some benefits listed in this thread

Main questions

  • Are any problems with RDworks, or the new features of Lightburn an $80/ year problem?
  • Is anyone bothered about having a personal copy of Lightburn when it's 'only' the last step in the toolpath for many?

The deal

Having spoken to the developers the cost to the space is $80/ year for a license

  • Members can then get a copy at a reduced rate should they wish - $20/ year

Q. Would members that wanted this pay something back to RML to support the main license if we went down this route?

Next steps

  • I'm personally installing a copy to play and will do so on the lasercutterpc if anyone shows interest
  • Any feedback appreciated.


We're not currently so concerned about RDworks to spend the money