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Note/ questions for admins when testing

  • My plan for migrating members(comments please)
    • Announce the change, set a date for cutting over and let members manage whether they want to Just waiting for them to join and
    • Crossover should be so
    • Anyone can always join when they see the email later

Other options include

  • Send everyone on our current list an invite by default
  • If you have more than one emails address it would be really helpful if you can set one up as admin and one as a member so you can test things yourself
    • It's easy to remove them later

how to join the mailing list

If you You can join


  • Your first post may be held for moderation so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately, this is just to prevent spammers

Don't want a google account?

  • That's ok, you can still subscribe my sending an email to
  • You'll then get an email from google that you need to reply to, just to ensure that someone else isn't signing up on your behalh



  • You can still unsubscribe yourself by emailing

Why would I want a google account for this group

  • You can change some settings for the group, such as revicing a digest of messages rather than getting them immediately
  • You can search previous messages


Why are we moving to google groups for email

  • Keeping mail software running on the server is a maintenance task too great for our small group.

What happens when I reply

Your messages go to the whole group

This group is more private than others

  • We tend towards respective members privacy and as such
    • You need to be approved to join
    • The group archive is private, only joined members can view it (with a google account)
    • Users shouldn't be able to see other members (admins can)


  • Our group tends to be friendly and we haven't tended to need to moderate it before
    • Be kind, be polite
  • I have marked the group as Adult though

Who do I contact in case of problems

  • Currently Andy (other admins add yourself here please)
  • As a last resort you can always use the contact form (top right) and we'll get it sorted

I'm part of another mailing list at RML

  • We'll look to move these as well but not yet