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Note/ questions for admins when testing

  • My plan for migrating members(comments please) as per "Migration from the old list" below
    • Hopefully now more than 2 emails to the old group. 1 to announce (with date for go live), 1 reminder just beforehand
    • We'll see if we can autoreply from the old list for a period of a month with a standard message to join the new list (text - this message won't be seen etc)
    • Crossover should be short - I'm not going to try to replicate messages across both lists during this period.
    • Anyone missed can always join when they see the email later

Other options include

  • Send everyone on our current list an invite by default
  • If you have more than one emails address it would be really helpful if you can set one up as admin and one as a member so you can test how things yourself (It's easy to remove them later)
    • Note that using the - Simplest way is to use a different browser for each one
  • Is it perfect? No, but it's easier for new people to pick up in the future.

Migration from the old member list

  • You need to actively sign up to the new list - we'd rather you consciously opt in, rather than

How to join the mailing list

Though Email=

  • Your first post may be held for moderation so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately, this is just to prevent spammers
  • As this is a new list it's worth checking messages aren't going to spam.
    • Often adding to your address book helps, or sending a message to the group, or marking it as not spam. Ultimately you have to check the advice from your mail provider

Don't want a google account?

  • That's ok, you can still subscribe my sending an email to
  • You'll then get an email from google that you need to reply to, just to ensure that someone else isn't signing up on your behalf



  • You can still unsubscribe yourself by emailing

Why would I want a google account for this group

  • You can change some settings for the group, such as receiving a digest of messages rather than getting them immediately
  • You can post through a webpage and use it more like forum if that's your preference
  • You can see previous messages


Why are we moving to google groups for email

  • Keeping mail software running on the server is a maintenance task too great for our small group.

What happens when I reply

  • Your messages go to the whole group

I hate google and don't want them to have my messages

  • It's worth considering that, as other members use gmail, anything you post is already captured on google servers.
  • Ultimately the ability of our very small team to manage the admin of RML wins out here. Sorry.

This group is more private than others I'm a member of

  • We tend towards respective members privacy and as such
    • You need to be approved to join
    • The group archive is private, only joined members can view it (with a google account)
    • Users shouldn't be able to see other members (admins can)

I used to get the emails I sent to the group

  • I'm afraid this is just one of the things we lose
  • You can always check the message was received on the webpage if you have a google account
  • If you're worried you're not


  • Our group tends to be friendly and we haven't tended to need to moderate it before
    • Be kind, be polite
  • I have marked the group as Adult though

Who do I contact in case of problems

  • Currently Andy (other admins add yourself here please)
  • As a last resort you can always use the contact form (top right) and we'll get it sorted

I'm part of another mailing list at RML

  • We'll look to move these as well but not yet

I've sent something I really want deleted

Contact an - it will have gone to members already already but we can delete it from the archive

Data protection

  • Think carefully
  • This is a