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Current Status of 3d Printer as of - Jan 2019

Zombie Printer

Now setup on 3droom machine and *I think* _settings_ are carried over from kitchen-corner PC but could do with Bogdan/ Ian checking please I can certainly print but can't promise something may not have changed.


On network with octoprint as deltamaker.rml properly now Needs slicer profile in octoprint and for local machines Printing very badly at present but could get a mangled calicat out of it.


Needs power wiring tidying - potentially lethal at present!

On network as geeetech.rml


username:pi password:rml

One nozzle still not working - need to check board as previously (before Andy took it apart and Bogdan kindly put it back together) there was no output from that ports - try swapping nozzles to confirm and check firmware but suspect it needs a new board) Working nozzle suspected blockage

Octoprint web inteface

username:rml password:rml Controlled by Octopi on touchsceenpc (touchscreen doesn't seem to be working, though no GUI nowdays) Couldn't find password for Octoprint documented so had to delete user and restart first run - may have lost some settings from Bogdan here.

Networking wasn't working on octopi (now wired in) and reconfigured but don't through /etc/network/interfaces as a bodge

Needs slic3r and octoprint cura profile


Power supply seems to have gone missing


On network as Phrozen.rml


Currenly need to setup windows pc to control May be able to get it work as virtual machine but could be difficult due to opengl