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Current Status of 3d Printer as of - Jan 2019

Tasks we need help with in bold with (person who is looking at it)

There's some more information (possible merge) on the main Facilities Page

Zombie Printer

  • Working on 3d room machine, although problems now with slic3r (Andy)
  • sort out cabling, possibly main power button (Ian)


  • On network with octoprint as deltamaker.rml properly now
  • Needs calibrating/ slicer profile in octoprint and for local machines
  • Printing very badly at present but could get a mangled calicat out of it.


Needs power wiring tidying before left plugged in (Ian)

On network as geeetech.rml


  • One nozzle still not working - need to check board as previously (before Andy took it apart and Bogdan kindly put it back together)
    • There was no voltage from that connection on the board when instructed to heat the nozzle
      • try swapping nozzles to confirm and check firmware but suspect it needs a new board
  • Working nozzle suspected blockage

Octoprint web inteface

  • Controlled by Octopi on touchsceenpc (touchscreen doesn't seem to be working, though no GUI nowdays)
  • Couldn't find password for Octoprint documented so had to delete user and restart first run - may have lost some settings from Bogdan here.
    • Networking wasn't working on octopi (now wired in) and reconfigured but don't through /etc/network/interfaces as a bodge
  • Needs slic3r and octoprint cura profile


Power supply seems to have gone missing


  • On network as Phrozen.rml - working


  • Need to setup windows pc to control (Andy)
    • May be able to get it work as virtual machine but could be difficult due to opengl