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RML is a cash-strapped non-profit CIC and the cost of running a makerspace can be considerable. Please help us out by donating money or equipment. Below is a bit more context about what we're looking for to continue offering services to the community.

Introduction (Why we want stuff)

RML is a community workshop that consumes goods from time to time and naturally requires things from time to time to work optimally. This is a list of desired/needed items in various categories for members or outside organisations to consider donating to the space. Got something that you think we might use that's not on here? Please let us know!

Woodscooter says: "I think the Lab could do with some permanent items, just to make things run more easily. For instance, there's already a soldering iron, a 12v power supply and a network switch available. We have some functioning desktop computers and a printer. Here's a wish list of additional items that would be great for the space. Whatever can't be donated, we can go out and buy."

Please add your own suggestions, or comment any way you want.

Please tick items when received rather than delete them. Please use  ? if you are unsure.

Note: for easy sorting, the columns below can be sorted by clicking on Item Description or Received


Item Description Received
Quantity of Sharpie medium thick permanent pens
Quantity of thick permanent ink pens (magic markers)
Clear cellotape, gorilla tape (black) Still wanted
Sodium bicarbonate (3 boxes) Still wanted
HP CE505A (or compatible) laser printer toner cartridge
Laminator & Pouches Still wanted
Hand soap

Materials & Hardware

Item Description Received


Item Description Received
Assorted SMD passives (R & C) Some donated, more still Wanted
Heatsink Compound
(mini) Stepper motor Still wanted
Adafruit NeoPixel packs Still wanted
Solar panel (portable)
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Temperature sensor Still wanted
LED displays / OLED displays / VFDs / E-Ink Screens Still wanted
coin cell battery holders Still wanted
battery chargers (inc Li-poly charger) Still wanted
Couple of spare 13A extension cables with 4 or 6 outlets
Spare VGA cable
Ethernet cables
Drill bits
Spare 19v laptop power supply
Crocodile clips Still wanted
Banana plugs Still wanted

Small equipment

Item Description Received
Cash Box
Magnifying lamp
Set of spanners (at least one 13mm and one adjustable)
better spec Modem/broadband router
Component drawers/stackable crates for storage or transport to recycling Still wanted
Screwdrivers set
Watch screwdriver set
Watch wrench "opener"
more shelves
Combination pliers
Printers (old)
cutters and pliers
USB Logic analyser
Allen Key set
Stanley knife
Gigabit Ethernet switches
Tape measure
SSD Drives Still wanted
Fanless (Small) gigabit ethernet network switches Still wanted
Raspberry Pi 3's with MicroSD Storage Still wanted
USB Microscope Still wanted
Small folding sack truck Still wanted

Large Items or Equipment Costing Greater than £100

Item Description Received
CNC Router
Oscilloscope - Rigol 4 channel
Sewing machine
Desktop laminarflow or fume cabinet Still wanted
Oscilloscope - Tektronix
Reflow oven Still wanted
Computer Servers
Laser Cutter
Large Solar Panel Still wanted
2-Sided Colour Laser Printer Still wanted
Laser Printer
3D Printer
Variable (0-30v 3A) DC power supply
Small Pick and Place Machine Still wanted
Large White Board Still wanted
Bagless vacuum cleaner
Ultrasonic Bath
Computer Workstations
Computer Laptops (Core2Duo and newer) Still wanted
Garden shed Still wanted
Cordless Drill
Dremel-type tool
File set (woodworking)
Chisel set (woodworking)
Hot glue gun
Anti-static mat and wristband Still wanted
Machinist Square Still wanted