Admin system

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Creating a list of possible enhancements for the admin system as dumping things onto telegram isn't a nice way to do it.

It's on github at

Accessible from any internal computer at http://admin.rml or the Kiosk

Short term

  • How does that damn kiosk work? - Andy
  • Flags for:
    • keyholder
    • first aider
    • admin (of space)
  • Ensure data is backed up, sql dumps - Andy
  • Confirm install instructions - Peter/ Andy
  • Ansible it all - Andy

Medium term

  • A general code review
  • Security review
  • Currently emails are sent the day after an open day to Andy only, would anyone else like them
  • Expand to new people that signed up as well

Longer Term

  • Match users to donations
    • a nudge when they sign in?
  • Other reports e.g. inductions completed, people without inductions etc
  • Matching with whatever door entry system we're provided with by the scheme


  • Emails will stop when we have to change hosting. Wonder if we'll remember to update the settings beforehand?