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So I have been given access to neo server.

Basic things that can be done is $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update -y

But you will notice that your ssh should stay connected so that the instalation does not get inturripted. This is specially critical when connecting with your phone with apps such as connectbot (found on f/droid).

Think that disconnect is lao sudden g-off

So you need something like tmux or screen.these leave a user running even if you disconnect.

Once installed tmux:

$ tmux -a

Then ctrl + b and type the letter c. You now have two terminals for general commands the other for running stuff that you don't want shut off. Ever. In this case irssi. Cycle through 'windows using ctrl+b n

Install irssi

$ irssi

Then do this:

Exit and enter irssi again.

Other stuff:

$cowsay "hello partner" | write ian

To check the download speed

$ wget -O /dev/null

to edit the welcome message:

$ sudo nano /etc/motd

This is great to let other users know what have you done and what you are going to do.

See example:

Another cool thing is elinks to use a text only web browser in the command line. Why do this? Say you are somewhere with a really slow internet connection. Since ssh is really just sending very little data through command line it has very little trafic. Now imagine that littlehouse had a quicker speed. It could visit websites really quickly and then you would only need to send the text over to your terminal.

Sending files

$ scp RML-presentationv3.svg

that is scp path/to/local/file user@server:path/to/remote/location