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Tuesday 23rd December 2014

  • A quiet evening, but the floor got hoovered
  • Ice cream was provided, and a box of biscuits
  • Paul B took apart a film scanner & re-assembled it
  • Joel had some success with an ASIC
  • Paul experimented with an e-paper displays
  • Next meeting is 30th December
  • Attendance tonight = 6

Tuesday 16th December 2014

  • Dan looked in but couldn't stay long this week
  • Joel installed an etherned hub over the round table and showed the Rebecca Black OS which uses Wayland
  • Andres took a faulty sewing machine apart and fixed it.
  • Welcome to new member Jonathon, hope you signed up to the Mailing List
  • Carl needed to re-install Win 7 on a laptop, as it would not boot, ended up checking the hard drive for errors using SpinRite (update, SpinRite fixed the drive and it boots into Windows without any problems). Took some photos for the page Rogues Gallery
  • Another regular had a GPS navigation device with Windows CE, new for less than £40
  • Paul B showed a teleprompter with built-in webcam, of his own design. Also ran Space Invaders on a Atari 2600 from 1977.
  • Attendance tonight = 9

Tuesday 9th December 2014

  • Ian - Proposed a clever storage solution using uniform cardboard boxes and labels for storing components (more eco friendly and cheaper than plastic boxes)
Rob fixed clock and projector - with help!
  • went for box storage: will start with the white shelf in the back corner:
    • dimensions are 65cm by 31.5cm and there are 5 spaces
    • We need a permanent marker
    • Currently we have:
      • on the shelves dvd/cd and empty boxes for both
      • computer parts
  • Andres fixed a Kindle Fire internet connection for Briony.
  • Rob fixed the clock
  • Fixed the Sanyo Projector (discarded by Meadlands school). Carl supplied new lamp and remote. Low voltage circuit was working but not lamp. Replaced lamp with a new one but still no lamp on. Big team head scratch (team: (Ian, Dan, Carl, Rob), then a bit of dismantling. Kris thought it might be the thermal fuse and measurement seemed to show it was stuck open. So a bit more dismantling, Rob realised the thermal fuse could be reset and clicked it back in. Re-assembled and it all worked. Strike 2 for Rob.
  • Dan - Printers
  • Arthur - python development - game - tracking bouncing balls, collision detection etc.
  • Andres - Linux problems
  • Paul B - laser cutting wood, breadboards, etc.
  • Kris/Paul - 3d printing gear bearing
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Tuesday 2nd of December 2014

  • Internet is working, but it is slow and needs to be properly checked
  • Paul B handed back the Ham Hydro model, with the 3D printed screw and bracket
  • Some discussion on 3D printing
  • Arthur helped Ian with selection of capacitors
  • Dan investigating the MakerLab printers
  • Paul showed Ian B how to replace the glass front on an iPad
  • iPad repair was not completed, will be continued
  • Paul B printed a solder reel holder
  • Attendance tonight = 9

Tuesday 25th of November 2014

  • Internet was down. Found that it might have been damaged due to some edge cutting.
  • Discussed a list of items that might be needed for the space. To use the funding.
  • Attendance tonight = 5

Saturday 22nd of November 2014

  • Helped with coder dojo
    • Dan, Ian, Arthur and Andres gave a hand as mentors. Paul help with some hardware.
    • There was starting python, advance python, starting scratch, advance scratch as well has mincraft modding with python.
    • Some screens, keyboard, mouse, stickers, flyers, magazines, tables, ... where loaded for the coder dojo.
    • More than 25 children aged 8 to 14 attended with an adult.
  • Dan and Andres discussed about lasercutter origami.
  • Attendance tonight = 5

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

  • Assisted Brendan with printed parts for Ham Hydro model
  • Accepted donations from John
  • More ideas for inductor design from Rob
  • Paul B made further progress with printed racing car
  • Andrés did laser cutting on card -ideas for craft fair at end of Nov
  • Imi demonstrated an idea for a breathing monitor
  • Arthur and Ian looking at Linux
  • Assisted someone with slow Yahoo mail
  • Accepted donation of a colour photo printer
  • Joel working on Sigrok
  • Carl donated something with a GPS engine in it
  • General agreement for financial assistance to CoderDojo
  • Attendance tonight = 14

Tuesday 11th of November 2014

  • Andrés and Ian prepared laptops for CoderDojo
  • Dan has developed a connection between Twitter and some LEDs
  • Joel explained the inner workings of a mouse to Chris
  • Andrés replaced the front of a Nexus tablet
  • Arthur helped someone set up Ubuntu on a PC
  • Rob found a transformer for a high-voltage output
  • Someone showed a hand-built two-channel digital oscilloscope
  • Paul's car is making good progress, and he has the beginnings of a wind turbine
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

  • Talked about video cameras on helmets on bikes to report accidents.
  • Talked about syncronizing notes to a home data base.
  • Paul is assembling his 3D printed remote control car.
  • Talked about rooting phones and the different operating systems in them.
  • Reparing a camera
  • some laser cutting
  • Ian helped rob with some circuits.
  • Dan working on the virtual reality audio headphones. 3D sound.
  • Andres Shames himself by confessing he had to send his phone to repair to virgin. Upside is that it works.
  • Attendance tonight = 8

Tuesday 28st of October 2014

  • Donations: lexmark printer with full black cartige, faulty cd tray, virgin media box.
  • Set one more pannel to stick the tools to the wall.
  • Tidied up some more.
  • Trying the to run the laser cutter software with WINE on ubuntu. UPDATE: works! Well done Joel!
  • Some more nvidia graphics card hacking for linux. Joel
  • Some new members!
  • Discussed about barcode scanners for the blind.
  • Discussed about thinks that can help Ham and Petersham SOS.
  • Discussed about filters.
  • 3D printers can do support material. Mini drone.
  • Paul talked about his Mini drone.
  • Andres can has a bigger mobile battery so that he can run ponies! (BRONY)
  • Home automation X10 and openHAB and eocean standard
  • Attendance tonight = 12

Tuesday 21st of October 2014

  • Paul G brought along a FoxDelta FoxTrak APRS Tracker Paul B. soldered it and Joel connected up a Sigrok to Paul G's U-Blox Neo 6M module.
  • We got donated several modems, scanner and other bits.
  • There was some request of help from Petersham and Ham SOS to maintain a website.
  • Checked out a battery that was not charging.
  • Arthur working on text adventure game on the arduino. Currently finding out how to cycle through letters.
  • There was a computer that was not booting and it was just beeping. seemed that something was not connected. We opened it up, moved some cables and then it worked!
  • Managed to understand about saving hyperlinks on usb drives to be able to view them on other computers.
  • Attendance tonight = 10

Tuesday 14th of October 2014

  • A laser-cut wooden box for a high-resolution tablet-size display
  • Testing a record player to resolve distorted recording, using Audacity software
  • Discussion about short-range radio emergency stop for a buggy
  • Review of old patent on producing combustible gases from water
  • 3D-printed model car makes further progress
  • Joel gave tutorials on wireless communications and on USB trouble-shooting
  • Damien showed a VW tool with variable-radius adjustment -could inspire the fibre-cable-winder project
  • Arthur helped someone with Linux
  • Ian B will provide information on his radio-communications developments
  • Discussion with someone about cotter pins on bicyles
  • Attendance tonight = 8

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

  • Talking about Python and how it compares to C and how to shorten out the call for a command by using definitions
  • We fixed some multiplugs under the work table so that they are out of the way.
  • More work and discussions on the breathing monitor.
  • Moved servers near to the router.
  • Moved chairs that are not being used near to the door so that they are taken away soon.
  • Attempted to start hacking to fix a wicked looking SANYO proyector but we did not have the remote.
  • Attendance tonight = 6

Monday 6th of October 2014

  • Classifying SWLEN and low carbon zone stuff to the storage area.
  • Attendance = 2

Tuesday 30th of September 2014

  • Teleprompter for web podcast and conversation.
  • Joel hacking on nvidia card now with scope attached.
  • Dan is mending an electronic tooth brush.
  • Andres started to write database of contents of little house.
  • Arthur is developing a text adventure game
  • Cutting a cardboard Catebury cathedral arches.
  • Paul cut up a wire lead extension cord winder.
  • Demo on FreeCAD. Free as in Freedom software for 3D modelling
  • Talked about making a wooden clock.
  • Mentioned in Linux Voice magazine
  • Joel's project website
  • Attendance tonight = 6

Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

  • Joel made great progress with the nouveau NVIDIA driver, after connecting an oscilloscope via a BNC T connector to the TV and NVIDIA card. The oscilloscope had a TV mode where you could sync to a specific scan line, which helped with fault finding.
  • Paul cut a bunch of stuff on the laser cutter.
  • Arthur continued to work on the router.
  • Ian and Dan talked about contracting.
  • A case for the "EMFcamp 2014 Tilda make badge" was 3D printed.
  • Paul mounted more of the tools onto a board.
  • Ralph kindly donated a dual bench power supply (0-30v) and Weller solder station.
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Saturday 20th of September 2014

  • Coder Dojo Ham
  • Some thoughts collected here
  • 4 members from Richmond Makerlabs plus 5 directly for coderdojo.

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

  • Another busy evening
  • 3D printing demo
  • Preparation for the first CoderDojo session on Saturday
  • Arthur looked for the best Linux distribution for someone converting from Windows
  • Harriett was winding pairs of dis-similar wires together for some arcane purpose
  • Someone received advice on musical instrument pickups
  • Attendance tonight = 10 (approximately)

Tuesday 9th of September 2014

  • Arthur and Joel trying to fix a router found in the street. Using a power supply that was in the space. Got to power it up. Connected Sigrok to get some information out of it but ran out of time.
  • Harriet came by with a wicked bottle and lasercut a lovely pattern. "Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water"
  • Paul B. 3D printer looking at software to slice to generate G code. Basically the translator from 3D model to the 3d printer stack model.
  • Andrés and Ian preparing stocks for coder dojo.
  • Daimian visited us briefly, and will come back soon.
  • Someone brought the laptop which is still work in progress. The failing bit seems to be the power supply. Paul will probably have a power supply of the correct size
  • Ian further discussed the breathing thing with someone.
  • Dan's software for the bus countdown shop window worked, also discussed more dojo.
  • Someone demoed some games that he produced. Will produce a wicked game for duck feeding.
  • Joel is working nouveau NVIDIA driver. He might have managed to light up the tv screen.
  • Paul B working on Dial Gauge, would like some oil. Anybody have something like WD-40?
  • Paul G is to be asked to re-install the Wiki, because some important features are missing.
  • Question: If someone makes a donation to us, can it be declared (for income tax purposes) as a charitable donation? Andrés to invite HUG Treasurer to visit us.
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

  • UK hackerspaces need to know the IP address or CNAME. And we can respond Russ on UK-Hackerspaces to get a link.
  • Harriet mentioned we where found via UK-makerspaces but I do not recall subscribing so maybe it is linked to one of the ones we did sign up for. Anyway we should put it on our main website.
  • I have yet again lost my password to the wiki. The "email me to reset password" does not work and we have not been able to upload a picture. As per Ian's email before I think it would be nice to get it working to do more online colaboration. Dan offered to create a web page wit webby? Did not get the name. But could not talk to him in depth. Hopefully it is something we can later move to our domain: (Now
  • Peter created some javascript games that he would like to have some input on. he was working on the simple duck game to teach people not to use bread to feed the ducks on the pond.
  • Andrés created a libreplanet wiki in case there are other people like Andres that are interested in free as in freedom software.
  • Two new people came by Martin and Harriet hopefully we can be mutually beneficial!
  • We have a new vacuum cleaner. Thank you Paul B. for fixing it and Fran for donating it.
  • Dan took a printer home to scavenge for parts. Hopefully the parts not needed will be taken to the local recycle center (hint hint!)
  • Paul B. cut some stuff on the laser cutter.
  • Paul B. had lost his voice poor thing!
  • Arthur showed his recumbent cargo bike. AMAZING he built it from scratch.
  • Someone talked to Arthur about gnu/linux
  • Explained what a wiki was, talked about the garduino project, ...
  • Harriet brought biscuits, thanks! My daughter had one and did not say thank you. But she meant to say it.
  • Andres looked up on how to do the pause/time out thing on python. Will discuss on another thread.
  • Arthur helped Ian to install Puppy Linux on an external drive.
  • Martin talked about starting an orchard and is looking for a location to start it.
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

  • Checked laptop batteries. But one of them might have shorted and burnt.
  • Tablet volume was not working: the back panel was slightly removed so buttons were not making contact.
  • Coder Dojo preparations with Dan and Ian.
    • Wireless discussions
    • Arduino
    • Rasberry PI
    • linux voice magazine tutorials
    • fsf flyers printed. Andres also ordered some stickers to hand out.
  • Dan showed off his augmented reality Ham! with cool animations showing how it could look like after our projects are installed. At the moment it works on his local machine but he wants to install it on a website.
  • Paul showed off his deltamaker 3D printer
  • One new person! but might be off to uni in october: better make the best of it
  • Arthur demonstrated the use of gnu/linux
  • Andres still trying to get council to increase broadbnd.
  • Attendance tonight = 11

Tuesday 19th of August 2014

  • Arthur taught us about arp command that looks at the IP adresses of the network.
  • Arthur and Ian B. taught Andres the basics of ssh into a server
  • We discussed about how a solar panel can charge a car battery and how long it would take. This particular model could take days.
  • Arthur and Andres discussed about installing minetest for the coderdojo
  • Someone asked about how would you, in python, have program running and by pressing some key combination in the keyboard would tell you how far down the program it went. Andres was asked to find out but if anybody else knows that would be great.
  • We where donated another workstation, seems to have CPU broken.
  • Chas came along thinking about creating an event having people come fix or uplift appliances, gadgets, furniture, etc.
  • Sigrok was installed in a machine to decyfer the network analyser. But needs a more powerful machine.
  • Andres now lost his password to the wiki. Wiki still failing.
  • Discussed further on the magnetic breathing sensor and now will have 4 of them installed at different heights of the body.
  • Prepared 2 laptops to take to coder dojo. One of them will need a power supply (acer aspire one).
  • Discussed the posiblity of installing KVM on at least one of the server. Or maybe docker
  • Attendance tonight = 9

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

  • Arthur working with a rasberry pi putting heatsink to overclock.
  • Kris came and we had a discussion as to how to work the coiling mechanism
  • Ian is getting a laptop fixed using puppy linux
  • We now have a scrap metal box
  • John donated some more stuff: we could mainly make use of the scrap metal.
  • Fran came with Ian to see what it was all about.
  • Added a couple of screws to hold pliers to keep it tidy.
  • Andres Talked about his hat the Montera Picona.
  • Attendance tonight = 6

Tuesday 5th August 2014

  • Discussed shared use of space with RHP. It becomes clear that we need to keep tidy and invetorize the stuff.
  • Discussed use of storage area with low carbon zone: we will need to talk to Chas.
  • Funding will discuss off list.
  • Paul showed the kind of stuff you can do with laser cutter and sell off.
  • Andres and Dan installed the first tool pannel desinged by paul.
  • ian and arthur burned some cds of different distos to try.
  • ian and daimian and paul fixed a hard drive to a try by costumizing a screw so it fits in a laptop.
  • damian and paul continue to work on the wire winding mechanism. Will need input from kris to see if it fits their needs.
  • paul might have a good alternative to groupme will send the link around. main issue with groupme is the threading and that it is closed source. Andres likes discourse or a forum combined mailman like
  • did some tiding up.
  • jean saw to her honey.
  • andres and dan discussed about new web page for ham close residents association.
  • Attendance tonight = 8

Tuesday 29th of July 2014

  • Peter Wolf from CoderDojo came to find out what we do and asked if any of use would be interested in volunteering to help with CoderDojo computer coding clubs for kids (8-13 years old) starting in Ham, probably in the Ham Youth Centre.
  • John donated some computer bits and pieces
  • Paul's friend Derek donated a huge amount of computer stuff, including a Dell PC, monitor, hard drives, RAM, DVD-Rs, hackable routers, Nexus one phone, a Windows phone, lots of cables, adaptors, etc.
  • The donated PC was setup as the new laser cutter PC
  • Breathing monitor was demonstrated with alarms if breathing slowed or stopped.
  • Cable winding project - cut out a spiral mechanism on the laser cutter and tested it, also cut out of acrylic the beginnings of the double sided winder (with a cam to expand and contract the mechanism)
  • Attendance tonight = 7

Tuesday 22th of July 2014

  • Discussed about youtube channel GBPRR2 how to impement the NSA ANT catalogue
  • Discussed about how mobile phone towers can pinpoint your position.
  • is no longer to be trusted
  • Brainstorm the winding machine. Explored spiral, gear mechanism, double sided winder for two different sizes,...
  • Breathing monitor project bowdeen cable with 3 turns to amplify the moment. The magnetic sensor still works perfectly but want to explore other channels to make sure the user understands the use of it.
  • Internet was down but initially we thought it was the new switch. Restarting the router did the trick and the Switch is now reset.
  • Arduino installed in the new dell computer.
  • Neil donated loads of electronics. Phone, modems, old television, Sony BETA max,... we have decided to donate stuff to computersforcharities and what cannot be donated will go townsmead recycle centre.
  • Attendance tonight = 8

Tuesday 14th of July 2014

  • Prototype cable winder makes progress
  • Breathing monitor continues
  • Good to see Andres, only briefly
  • A circuit board fault is worked on by Rob D (thanks for the biscuits)
  • Owen does some work on fitting a cogwheel to a timing belt pulley
  • Got a 2.5inch HDD to fit into a laptop
  • Mused over a WiFi dongle not working as it should
  • Gave some advice on keeping a laptop running on Windows XP
  • Attendance tonight = 8

Tuesday 7th of July 2014

  • General discussion about the fibre-cable winder design
  • Started cutting parts for the winder
  • The breathing monitor has made further progress
  • Diagnosed a hard disk failure in a laptop computer
  • Software project (for JH of HUG) is already operational.
  • Attendance tonight = 7

Tuesday 1st of July 2014

  • Visit from John H to discuss project for volunteer co-ordination in eel monitoring
  • Visit from Imi looking at ways to make a breathing monitor
  • New member Owen looked round, Paul showed him the facilities
  • Set up Linux Mint on donated Dell computer
  • Excellent donation from Cisco through Kris, a 48 port ethernet switch
  • New project challenge from Kris (to thank Cisco for the desks, chairs and switch) -a winding machine for lengths of fibre
  • Paul fixed the new switch to the wall and put up shelf brackets, also sorted the new hand tools
  • Attendance tonight = 6

Tuesday 24th of June 2014

  • Donations of two cameras and a camcorder, and a Dell computer
  • Arthur gave hands-on help and advice on setting up Linux on a notebook
  • Rob brought in some PCBs that needed fault-finding -Ian and Paul helped
  • Paul demonstrated the laser cutter (cut fabric and engraved on leather) and cleared the data off the Dell hard disk
  • Ian showed an early prototype of the breathing monitor device
  • Joel tested composite video from NVDIA and advised Paul on video from the RPi
  • Hector demo a Zumo Robot for Arduino controled by a Raspbery Pi over the internet.
  • Attendance tonight = 9

Tuesday 17th of June 2014

  • Several new faces looked in today
  • We had an offer of surplus electronic equipment including a video camera -will come in a week or two
  • One request to design a wearable device that can monitor breathing by measuring the expansion of the rib cage.
  • Advice given on Libre Office as an alternative to MS Office
  • The two youngsters from ham youth centre didn't attend today but might come next week
  • Joel and Kris continued to investigate the NVIDIA drivers for Linux
  • Arthur calibrated his dual voltage power supply and gave some information on the Guardino project
  • Paul B worked on a RPi camera and demonstrated the laser cutter
  • Andres could only manage a brief visit, picked up contact records from the Ham Fair
  • Chris brought a broken spiral binder from Meadlands school, an example of a community-based project. He fixed the operating handle with 2-part repair putty, but this would be only a temporary measure. He's now looking for a suitable quarter-inch replacement handle
  • Neil offered to rewrite "How to find us", as he had experienced difficulty in locating us this evening (as correctly predicted by our own website). He will sign up to the mailing list as a first step
  • Attendance Tonight = 11

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

  • two children came from the ham youth centre. One of them had a laptop that with the battery in or out it seemed to reboot itself in a loop. It does not get as far as seeing anything load the screen, which makes me think it does not load the bios. The rebooting seems to be too quick for it to be overheating. It is an HP laptop. If anybody has any clues it would be good to know. He started dissaembling it. And will coninue next month. Paul B and Ian might have more info.
  • buzzer game seems ready to go.
  • bus countdown seems to work well with 12V bateries.
  • arthur worked some more with the garduino.
  • some more badges where made. By Paul B.
  • Andres helped David with his laptop, installing libreoffice and thunderbird also some general precautions when using bing search. Introduction to duckduckgo. Looked at getting a way to recover microsoft outlook ost and pst files basically involves using a trail outlook install to export it. We did not get to where thunderbird saves its emails so tgat it can be accessed by backup utilities.
  • some kernel development went on not sure of details.
  • all should be ready for ham fair
  • rasberry pi web cam was explored to check on the lasercutter.
  • Attendance Tonight = 9

Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

  • We had a group of 10-14 year olds from the Ham Youth Club. A group of

20 we estimate more than 2 will come by.

  • is down. but the mailman bit is down. is also down but the is working.

  • Paul G. is laser cut an amateur radio box.
  • Arthur worked really hard on Garduino. Ambient temperature sensor,

wireless trigger, light sensor, loads of amazing stuff.

  • Sony Viao had puppy linux installed and Kris tried to instal Fedore

with gnome3. Ethernet was lost.

  • Paul G. brought some good bye treats. It might be his last day at the space. Either I don't believe it or I

do not want to believe it.

  • Rob brought his 12V battery Ian and him tried to fix it. Tried

replacing some electronics with no success.

  • Kris brought some nice polish breadsticks.
  • Attendance Tonight = 30

Tuesday 27th May 2014

  • Mosh a layer on top of SSH Joel
  • Custom made power supply
  • SSH from home to the makerlab to get an nvidia card working on linux. Via a Rasberry Pi.
  • olinuximo-micro small linux board
  • Connected a motor variac
  • Some laser cutting
  • Discussed wind power
  • Attendance Tonight = 8

Tuesday 20th May 2014

  • Hacked a Laser Cut Donation Plate
  • More discussions about Sigrok
  • Arthur played with his Guardino
  • Arthur made a RML Wooden 3D Logo he showed off
  • Dan learned about Linux & VirtualBox shared folders and more
  • Discussions about Linux Gnu Screen, Tmux, IIRC and Weechat
  • Paul B replaced the lens on the laser cutter
  • Created name tags for Ham Fair, on the laser cutter
  • We now have a webcam mounted in the laser cutter, we can now monitor the progress of jobs on the PC rather than looking directly at the laser.
  • Attendance Tonight = 6

Tuesday 13th May 2014

  • Made laser cut wood sign for door
  • We now have safety glasses for Laser Cutter, but don't recommend viewing longer than few seconds
  • Joel brought along some SigRok devices (£15 each) and explained them to those buying
  • Paul G brought along Cash Tin & Cash Book instead of using sweet box
  • Paul G & Joel played with DVB-T sticks for SDR Radio & Flight Tracking
  • Paul G showed his MKARS80 80m radio transceiver
  • 2 new visitors came to the MakerLab
  • Attendance Tonight = 8

Tuesday 6th May 2014

  • Ian and Andres finished off 'community first' funding request. If you feel we need something for the makerlabs check with us so that we can check if we can pay your money back. Keep receipt!
  • There is still £200 that we need to spend from previous funding. The plan is ink cartige for laser printer. And for the epson printer. And a4 paper the funding spend scope is for helping neighbours with their tech. A,proper money box will be purchased.
  • Paul B. Mentored Carl in soldering iron use.
  • Joel and Kris looked into sigrok ? Something with Paul B gizmo?
  • Ray came by first time, ¡hello! Ray knows about ham radios.
  • Rob and Ian were doing calculations in spreadsheet?
  • Paul G. showed his weight loss tracker 25% lost!
  • Paul B managed to attach a fan to the laser cutter water cooler. The co2 laser now does not over heat.
  • Andres spoke ti Adeola, we will soon have a mention in the lease and durring the day RHP care takers will be popping by for tea breaks. In exchange they offered to clean, add shelving, tidy outside, paint, etc.
  • Joel someone might find this group useful if they have any metalwork tasks to do: [1]
  • Attendance Tonight = 11

Tuesday 29th April 2014

  • Kris brought along a new kettle
  • Paul B installed a Fan on the Laser Cutter cooling unit
  • Group had a donation of a Tektronix TDS 320 Oscilloscope
  • Paul G showed group the Amateur Radio Audio files on of contests
  • Andres mentioned an article in Linux Format magazine about
  • Discussion about DVB-T USB Sticks for Flight Tracking
  • Getting SigRok working
  • More attempts at working out the Resonance Frequency calculation spreadsheet
  • Attendance Tonight = 11

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

  • Sony All in one PC with Pentium 4 donated to group
    • Had Windows XP, has been upgraded with lucid Puppy Linux on it.
  • Maths for Resonance Frequency calculation
  • Bike Light battery replacement
  • Discussion about using Duct Tape (Duck Tape) for Verruca Removal
  • Sorting out Lenovo laptop with startup issues.
  • Sigrok: Joel showed an over view how to get signals from chips analyzed. [2]
  • Attendance Tonight = 11

Tuesday 15th April 2014

  • Paul gave us a web page (Now
    • Some of us can edit and invite editors so speak out if you want access. It should be pretty empty now. So watch this space.
  • Ubuntu64 bit 13.10 is now installed on the workstation. It is up to date. I guess soon it will prompt for 14.04.
    • Also we need to change the bios settings so it does not expect network boot as it takes for ever!
  • We tried to work out the cooler for the laser cutter we conclude that it uses a t type themocouple and problably a solid state relay we need to find that out.
  • We now have an ethernet port in the room waiting for a switch.
  • Attendance Tonight = not recorded