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2019-01-15 Tuesday

  • Andy successfully made a pegboard on the laser cutter.
  • Jane made a tin boat.
  • Chris used the laser cutter
  • Peter did some soldering, assembling some accessories for a Raspberry Pi
  • Garret replaced the battery on a small scales, tried out a device that made all sorts of noises and further refined his triple mousetrap design.
  • Carla continued with a hand-bound book. This week it reached the glue-and-press stage. Carla investigated what the laser cutter can do for her.
  • Welcome and hello to two new faces this week: PeterK is thinking of starting a tool/workshop sharing base in his own area, and Llewellyn came to see what we offer. He might be back some time soon.
  • PaulE drilled some holes in a part-assembled electronic thingy, and gave IanB advice on working the CNC mill.
  • MartinL reviewed MOSFET connection, and will try to do a factory reset on the Mac in the coming week.
  • Sufiyo dropped in to talk about tidying up the HUG garden tools in our front yard, and putting up a small shed in the corner alcove for storing them safely. Jon and IanB thought it would be a good plan, Andres had earlier given his encouragement, so it's over the the HUG garden people to see what could be done.
  • Peter S picked up a power supply and checked its calibration
  • Bogdan started a 3D print on the Zombie printer, and confirmed that the DeltaMaker 3D printer is operational. He also managed to get Slic3r functional again, as it hadn't been working since moving to its new location.
  • Attendance tonight = 15

2019-01-08 Tuesday

  • MartinC continues to look at IOT communications
  • Jane had some items that she drilled through, and discussed how to proceed with building an enormous open-frame handbag
  • AndyH has done some great work in moving the 3D printers into the office area, freeing up bench-space in the main room
  • Carla is starting on a new book
  • Peter continues to convert an ex-aircraft navigation assembly into a computer screen and keyboard
  • Jon and IanB attended to a fault on the laser cutter, where the red finder beam goes off at certain positions of the x-axis. They replaced a fractured wire and all was well on re-test.
  • MartinL made some attempts to re-animate an old Mac but it didn't want to come back to this world. The story is not yet over, more attempts will be made.
  • Briony called in to offer us some useful empty containers, and brought a large tub of Cadbury Celebrations. Thanks, B. We managed to scoff the lot by the end of the evening. Team effort.
  • Hi to Garret. I didn't see what you were up to today.
  • There's an unexplained decorative double-glazed window under the electronics bench. For recycling, or what?
  • Carl called in about 10.30pm after another long day's work. He's going to do something to Phaedra's bike when he gets time.
  • Attendance today = 11