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2024-05-21 Tuesday

  • Ian did a lathe induction for....
  • Sencer C, who has ambitions to get a mini-lathe and convert it to CNC
  • Andrew was trying to improve the Geetech 3d printer Z axis, so far unsuccessfully

2024-05-07 Tuesday

  • Andy did an induction for....
  • Tim who wanted to learn the lasercutter to make some architectural
  • Jon came to lasercut some Austrian good sheds but and
  • Ian was helping people
  • Hazel was cutting some polarising film for an art project
  • Andrew was helping the 3d printers
  • Pierre was tempting at temperature sensor to sense some temperature
  • Paul was working on a theatre radio transmitter
  • Vic came to help move the CNC fix on
  • came to visit us from Japan and have a look around
  • Steve came and went but I didn't get to see what he was doing.

2024-04-30 Tuesday

Seems we have some missed weeks but here we go. A fairly quiet night

  • Andrew was giving the Geetech 3D printer's power supply some attention
  • Jane was making a table
  • Ian was helping her and looking at the lathe
  • Andy was catching up on some RML admin
  • Joe came to do some lasercutting of some personalised key tabs
  • Odd and Zhaleh nipped in to lasercut some pronoun badges

2024-04-23 Tuesday

  • No one captured what we were doing this week sadly

2024-04-16 Tuesday

  • No one captured what we were doing this week sadly

2024-04-9 Tuesday

  • No one captured what we were doing this week sadly

2024-04-2 Tuesday

  • No one captured what we were doing this week sadly

2024-03-26 Tuesday

  • David came to visit us for the first time and printed a case for his LORA device
  • Andrew was looking at 3D printers, helped David and looked at his Pi Camera
  • Steve was fixing an alarm clock/radio successfully
  • Ian was ably helping Steve and later, diagnosing the blown lathe speed control board
  • Paul was coding
  • Andy popped in after shooting but went home to get dry

2024-03-19 Tuesday

  • Phillip came the first time and was shown how to use the Laser
  • David returned for his second visit to finish his branch lopper
  • Alfia and Raff come alongs to look at engraving some metal with mixed results
  • Ananth was looking at a CO2 sensor ably aided by
  • Paul who was sharing electronics knowledge as always
  • Mark popped by to say hello and be frustrated by his fiddly electonics
  • Ian decided to blow up our lathe for fun, but has a plan to fix it as always
  • Andrew was working on the 3d Printers
  • Andy did an induction and wrote this, all errors mine
  • Kevin came to trying lathing but was sadly out of luck
  • Vic was using the drill press to create a frame for his home CNC

2024-03-12 Tuesday

  • Andy came to see us after a long time away to say hello
  • Steve was playing with batteries again and also with an alenco set.
  • Pierre was seeing if he can get his PTZ camera to move
  • Paul was getting frustrated at LED strips online
  • Andrew was playing with an LED Matrix on Pi Pico
  • Mark came to display hardware that wasn't needed and is currently flummoxed over.
  • Ananth trying to get a C02 sensor working and trying understand what Mark is talking about
  • Ian was teaching the lathe to...
  • Kevin who showed his machining chops on our little lathe
  • Andy came to say hello after shooting

2024-03-05 Tuesday

This may be a lost week but we had some regulars and some new people coming after an article in a Ham magazine.

2024-02-27 Tuesday

  • Steve was rescuing batteries from discarded vapes to use in projects and helping...
  • Andy working out the hand plane and welcoming people
  • Ben was doing some trying to remove some components from an electronics board
  • Elliot was designing and lasercutting some pieces for gaming
  • David came to visit us for the first time with a branch lopper that was in need of repair ably helped by...
  • IanM who also helped with general advice and looked at the wood CNC, conclusion is shielding the mains to the spindle is a good first step
  • Janet is visiting the UK for a few months and came to visit us, looking at programming a FGPA board with a pico
  • Rich was attempting to get Rust onto some lora boards
  • Andrew was making more progress with the geetech 3D printer.
  • Pierre continued to make his PTZ camera

2024-02-20 Tuesday

  • Pierre continued with his PTZ mount build, with a laser cut frame on top of a 'Lasy Susan' for rotation and an axle turned down at the ends to fit the bearings which eventually carry the tilting part
  • IanM was helping people again and introduced Pierre to turning steel on the lathe
  • Steve was working on some faulty DC-DC converter modules
  • Ananth was examining his previous soldering and making some improvements
  • Andrew was helping people with 3d printers including
  • Mark came to print a mount for his diving project
  • Mat came to 3d print a clasp and do some more designing for the next thing
  • AndyH was helping

2024-02-13 Tuesday

  • Pierre is designing a PTZ camera mount
  • Mark has joined the throngs of the laser cutters
  • MarkQ came to do some laser cutting
  • Andrew journey to fix all the 3d printers continues
  • IanM was helping people and doing some lathe work
  • Steve continues fixing his light
  • Andy opened and did some marquetry

2024-02-06 Tuesday

  • BenF was laser cutting some signs
  • Steve is repairing a shed light powered by a solar panel
  • Andrew was fixing 3d printer
  • AndyH opened and ran before the road was closed
  • ChrisN was 3d printing some more train pillars
  • Ian.M was
  • PaulE was coding

2024-01-30 Tuesday

  • Andrew was learning how to setup a raspberry pi, assisted by Andrew
  • Chris was continuing some 3d printing and working with Fusion 360
  • Mat came to see us and started learning Fusion 360
  • Pierre came to learn the lasercutter
  • Steve was mending a light and looking at fixing a battery, also helping...
  • Kev with some soldering
  • Andy did some inductions on the laser for 3 people and gave some limited hints on Fusion
  • Andrew was looking at 3d printing and helping setup the Pi
  • Paul was coding

2024-01-23 Tuesday

Regulars: Paul E, Andy, Andrew, IanM

  • Garret came along and was good to see him, looked at fixing a calculator
  • Andrew and his son came along for the
  • Chris came for the first time and we showed him some 3d printing

2024-01-16 Tuesday

Regulars: Paul E, Martin, Andrew

  • Anand - CO2 sensor
  • Mark - intro to laser cutter
  • David - laser engraving, kartcher cleaner that doesn't run
  • Cath M - dehumidifier that needs fixing

2024-01-09 Tuesday

  • Andy opened
  • Regulars: Ian M, Andrew, Martin, Paul E
  • Steve - assisted a soldering task
  • Peter - came for inspiration on a project
  • David - laser cutting plywood for a box
  • Wendy and Deborah - had a steam cleaner that needed fixing
  • Anand - soldering headers on more boards
  • Lucas and Zac - introduction to 3D printing
  • Catherine - introduction to 3D printing

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