Draper HD19 /16BF Drill Press

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Manual is File:HD19 16BF.pdf

Some speeds for drilling various Materials

To do before use

  • Whilst pretty stable, Mount to floor or wall to stop it tipping and damaging the window or someone
  • Level and clean table. An MT3 test bar and square would be ideal, but a bit of ground rod or even a drill would work
  • Lubricate the table rack, White lithium grease would be ideal and I'd recommend RML to have some for general use, but molly grease or bearing grease would also work but be a bit messier
  • Free up the idler
    • Done but let's keep an eye on it
  • Fit an interlock switch to the belt cover
  • Fit an E-stop. Those kick-stops are lovely and great to have but I think given the operating environment a side-mounted or front-mounted conventional E-stop would meet the minimum safety needs
  • We need to get a tacho on it and create a table of allowed belt configurations and speeds. PaulE has bought one.

Note: This tool is kindly on long term loan from John Temple, please check with Andy before modifying to any extent.

NB I've asked Jon about the estop and interlock and am awaiting an answer so this work isn't to proceed yet.