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This page is a blog for those tinkering with projects away from Little House venue.


Sewing an leather coin pouch.


Making bird feeders and bird cake at Ham Library. In combination with friends of ham library! We used some milk and juice cartons, cut a holes through them. Added screwer so that bird can stand and poke their head in. The roof was either made with real fallen sticks or ice cream sticks. We learnt that the colour red is not liked by birds normally. (it probably looks like someone's big mouth wide open!)


Wrote up some notes on the future of the space Ensuring_a_Future_in_the_Space#Notes_from_workshops_and_external_discussions


School assignment is to build a castle. We are doing one a combination of cardboard and duplo. Amunizp (talk) 10:14, 16 January 2017 (UTC)

2016-12-29 Thursday

2016-10-00 to 2016-12-00

  • Andres (Amunizp) has been arranging with the NPL about some left over equipment. Posted links to the UK mailing list and several other makers around UK answered the call. About 1 metric Ton of equipment was saved from being skipped/recycled.