Formlabs 3d printer

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Formlabs Printer

We were donated a Formlabs 1+ resin printer(serial number "goofylamb") along with some spare resin trays. We don't know it's heritage


Preform ver 2.18.0 from Formlabs [1] is downloaded onto the laser cutter machine as it's windows based.


Custom API

This looks interesting but I'd like to get it working with the stock software first if possible

Current Situation

  • Whilst it's being detected as a printer ok in Preform it's saying the printer is busy when it comes to print
  • In preform you can upgrade the firmware but this currenlty just blanks the printer screen and hangs the software (before the section that you'd expect to check the firmware version and start the process)
  • Andy's emailed support to see if they're kind enough to help, and on forum [2]
    • I'd also like to try another usb cable/ different machine (although that's been rebuild recently)
    • Run preform as admin?

Quick edit. Firmware update may work so concentrate on that.