Ham fair 2019

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Space at the fair

  • Set-up is at 9.30am
  • Open from 11.00 to 4.00
  • We have joint space with HUG at stand number 40 & 41.


  • Ian
  • Jon
  • PaulB - free all day
  • Carla - not sure
  • Carl - free all day
  • Andy - free all day
  • PeteH - Afternoon and pack up


  • 2m Banner and LED sign to be hung from frame
    • Hug have roped and bingee but do we need anything else?

Things to take on the day from Little House:

(I suggest we leave these on the main table after the Tuesday session to make it obvious for anyone picking them up)

  • 4x stools for HUG kids area (some now accessible in the loft if not enough downstairs)
  • 1 x White table from toilet for Sufiyo
  • 2x Large Batteries
  • Small Bag marked 'Ham Fair 12v cables'
  • Leaflets (2 types)
  • RML Banner
  • LED Signs
  • Nim Machine and Marbles
  • Biqu printer
    • Pritt-stick, Slice, Blue painters tape
    • Slice for removing prints from bed
    • selection of 3d printed examples
    • selection of laser-cut examples
  • Any tools?
  • String
  • Rubbish bags and gaffa tape