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Welcome to LBOS

This group is for people interested in Linux, BSD, Unix and Open Source software and hardware.

The group is open to all and we will discuss, demonstrate, teach, learn, build systems and software.

Please familiarise yourself with LBOS Code of Conduct

Dates and location

We meet monthly on a Monday at 19:30 hrs.

Location is RML HQ: The Little House, Ham Close, Ham, TW10 7NY.

Please look here for further directions.

Topics of interest

Future projects

RML infrastructure


#8 - Running a SME Virtual Private Server company

Given by bitfolk

#7 - Devops: Infrastructure as Software

Given by Matt Copperwaite

  • Devops: infrastructure as code, configuration management and automated installation tools with Ansible and Puppet"
  • Slides can be found at ConfigurationManagementTools.pdf

#6 - Information theory & application

  • Short presentation on information theory & applications
  • Discussing about in incorporating Discourse into RML

#5 - LBOS Christmas special

  • Christmas special attended by 15+ members, with food provided by the local restaurants and members.

#4 - Dynamic DNS

Given by Ian Bowden

  • Explanation of static and dynamic IP with respect to DNS
  • Using Dynamic DNS for running a web site without a fixed IP
  • Slides can be found at Dynamic_DNS.pdf

#3 - Using a Raspberry Pi to water the house plants

Given by Matt Copperwaite

  • Using a raspberry Pi to remotely control and automatically water house plants on holidays and hot days
  • With Bash controlling the GPIO pins, the raspberry pi was able to control a water pump to irrigate the vegetables
  • Slides can be found at AutomaticPlantFeeder.pdf

#2 - Bus countdown project using a Raspberry Pi

Given by Andrés Piniella

  • The use of public API's (such as london transport):
  • The use of Git Repository (Removing API key)
  • SSH
  • Setting up a static IP
  • Editing PHP and HTML
  • Useful JSON structures such as dictionaries
  • Raspberry Pi vs BeagleBone Black

#1 - OpenVpn & password management

Given by Jeremy Emil


External links

  • Jupiter Broadcasting is a podcasting network for Linux, BSD, networking, open-source software and hardware
  • BSD Now is a weekly podcast created by three guys who love BSD, covering the latest news, tutorials and interviews
  • Arch Wiki - A great resource for Linux information
  • FreeBSD Handbook - FreeBSD information resource