Little House Refurbishing

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This is to sort through some of the small and large tasks in ensuring that Little House and its surroundings are kept in good shape.

Ongoing To-Dos

  • Inside
    • Mount shelves on walls in Little Office to regain desk-space for projects/study/work
    • Transport surplus computer equipment and filled recycling bins at Townmead Recycling Centre
    • Wash and dry cloth towels from kitchen
    • Install heater-timer switches
  • Outside
    • Cut hedges outside Little House
    • Sort and clean fly-tipped recycle space outside gate
    • Fit RML logo over Ham Friends placard
  • Misc
    • Shuffle and sort abandoned projects (i.e. folding bike / bike trailer)

Little House needs some help cleaning up! Let's pitch in and show that we care and value our community hub.

First Fix-Up Date: Bank Holiday Monday 29 August 2016

We've got a wonderful little space (link to Little House layout) on Ham Close but it has suffered a bit of neglect due to being a shared space that no one group really took ownership of. Combine that with the fact Richmond MakerLabs has accumulated a lot of stuff - we should sort, recycle, dispose, and just get the space in shape so we can enjoy it as much as we can.

If we can future-proof the space a bit so it's easy to maintain and use, it'll set the tone for some year-round enjoyment of the space. Having events to refurbish the space is fairly normal for a volunteer/member-driven maker space (South London MakerSpace 'Make the Space' example, London Hackspace 'Hack the space' wiki )

Examples of improvement could be:

  • Clear floors as much as possible for easy hoovering
  • Create sufficient space for wheelchair use
  • Make kitchen easy to use and maintain
  • Make space more welcoming

Suggested Improvements of Little House

  • Kitchen
    • Remove white goods from kitchen and give strong cleaning of goods and spaces
    • Remove, clean, sort items for recycling, donation, disposal (we do not need tons of meal supplies for 50 people)
    • Major floor and surface scrub
    • Test the hot water (and document how it is turned on and off)
  • Courtyard
    • Car-Wax / De-Oxidize / Paint double doors
    • Turn alcoves into mini-storage areas for weather-resistant items
    • Dispose of Rotting Garden Planters
    • Install T-Clips for Rolling Shutters
    • Re-home garden tools and remaining living plants
    • Re-home salvageable short-greenhouse
  • Small Room
    • Rearrange desks for better Accessibility (also better visibility to interior and exterior windows)
    • Re-run ethernet cables to router
  • Toilet
    • Clean and Tidy Toilet
    • Scrub mirror and wash basin
    • Test the handicap toilet brace for ease of movement (and adjust accordingly)
    • Test the hot water (and document how it is turned on and off)
  • Cloakroom
    • Sort through giant in Cloakroom
    • IDEA: Install Shelf Brackets & Shelving for Member Projects
  • Loft Storage Most of what is in the loft belongs to SWLEN and we absolutely cannot throw it out (Noted!)
    • Empty loft of existing items and actively sort through items
    • Sweep out loft
    • Setup shelves / stackable organisation
  • Large Room
    • Remove things from floor and find places to put them (Enable easy floor cleaning)
    • Re-run ethernet cabling to provide gigabit in as many places as possible
    • Establish where recycling / rubbish should be (enable easy maintenance)
    • Sort through and recycle low-potential project pieces (stale projects, space-takers, and low-use objects)
    • Install T-Clips for Rolling Shutters
    • Refresh any essential signage
    • Refresh RML signage (Wifi, Joining, etc.) and complementary projects (open source, making, etc.)
    • Install A3 (or larger?) Lighted RML sign for back of plasma television panel to be used when shutters are up and we are 'open' (Use the Xmas Tree Lights, Possibly?)

Addressing Other Groups' Stuff

    • They have a lot of stuff but allegedly another space - how do we drop the remaining items off and reclaim the space? (Carl - I'm in touch with SWLEN. They like supplies to be near their local team members but I'm asking if we can move some of it at least)
  • HUG
    • Apple Press: Is there any place other than the kitchen for this seldom-used item? When school starts this goes on tour ~~ Jean is contact point
    • Canopies: Can these be stored outside in the dry new cupboards? (if you mean Marquees please beware that these are incredibly expensive and they belong to SWLEN - they are keen to move them. Also we HUG use this for our activities, Ham Fair, Neighbourhood forum, and maybe future restart parties) Noted!
  • Teddington & Ham Hydro Proposals
    • Are these things old or necessary still?
  • Mystery Ham Close Redevelopment Placards
    • What do we do with these? *(These can be disposed of or used as cutting material ~~)*

Supplies Needed

  • Plywood for Outdoor Alcove Covers
    • This will require a capital expenditure and capable transport
  • Plywood for Cloakroom Shelving
    • This will require a capital expenditure and capable transport
  • Paint for Outdoor Alcove Covers
    • We may be able to get this for free via Townmead Recycling Centre (no easy choice on colour)
    • This will require a capital expenditure for brushes and smaller sundries
  • Barbecue items (for refuelling participants and visitors)
    • We should take an assessment of who is veg and who is not - Ryan can bring BBQ supplies/tools