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Some of the equipment in the Makerlab is very suitable for model making, and members have taken advantage of this

  • Model Railways

We are working on several model railway projects including a laser cut model of 'The Albany' pub in Twickenham, for Twickenham & District MRC and Hamworthy Station building for Hampton Court MRS

  • Model boats

We laser cut the frames for this 'Clyde Puffer' in 2mm acrylic

  • Model planes

A group of children are building a bi-plane from balsa and laser cut parts.

  • Individual members have other skills that might be useful to the group, Jon has designed and built a lot of Etched Brass kits, the file is drawn in CAD then sent to a company that can acid erode the material away and returns as parts that can be assembled in solder. Jon is also an expert in polyurethane resin casting of small parts.