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Richmond MakerLabs gets given stuff that no-one else wants, sometimes because it's broken, sometimes it's perfectly good.

We can't store it all, so anything that we can't re-home is destined for scrap. If you fancy anything listed here, just ask about it on the mailing list, on the Telegram group or in person. You can have it.

The following items were donated by PaulB after having a clear-out. They will be available for grabbing until end of September 2021, after which the remaining stuff goes Weee.

  • Eora 3D scanner Model E8 with 9v 3A power adaptor but without turntable or documentation. There's only one review for this on, it's described as "This is for sure the most expensive paper weight. 1.0 out of 5 stars"
  • Silver Apple wireless 'Magic' keyboard, A1314. Bluetooth. Silver Apple wireless 'Magic' trackpad, A1339. Bluetooth. Mobee Technology 'Magic' inductive charger for both of these, model MO 3212-29.
  • Pi Zero v1.2 with 4 standard USB A sockets added on & HDMI adaptor
  • Adafruit WiFi shield (for Arduino Uno?)
  • Muker USB monitor. Maybe shows the voltage and current of a USB connection. No documentation.
  • 4-pole 3.5mm jack plug cable adaptor to 3 RCA 'phono' plugs
  • Flexible cable for R-Pi camera, 2m long
  • FDTI USB to RS232 converter module
  • (Two) 3.7v Lithium ion battery