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All network names and IPs for printers can be found on Network

Trust that over what's written here

HP 2055dn B&W Laser Printer

  • Network Name: HP2055dn
  • IP:
  • Network: LAN cable

Windows setup

Use HP smart software

Linux Setup

HP F4500 Deskjet Scanner only

  • Network Name: HP4500
  • IP:
  • Network: Wireless
  • You can't print from this. It hasn't been tested with ink (considered too expensive to maintain it and, as it was a donation, we're not sure it works)


Windows setup

Should work with HP smart but, if not, install drivers and software from HP site Originaly configured through HP software installed on lasercutterpc

Linux Setup

HP CP1515n Printer

  • Network Name: CP1515n
  • IP:
  • Network: Wired

Current problem

Colour registration sensor problem. On digging showing as 54.1400 in the printer event log

Andy ran several cleaning cycles (can be done from webpage) having reset the nvram

Ideally would be good to try 'proper' toners but this isn't guaranteed to solve it (nothing is at this point)

Also could be

  • Try another toner
  • ITB belt
  • Replace sensor
  • Replace DC Controller

NB Curiously the service manual doesn't list the calibration sensor but must be one, may be tired. Would trace it from DC controller if need be.

Currently Ian, who owns it, regards it as good enough to permission so delve into it's innards denied.

Service Manual

File:HP Color Laserjet CP1215 CP1515 service manual.pdf

Dymo Label Writer 450

Not network compatible - use USB