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Neo: No More Neo

Neo's gone from Richmond MakerLabs!

We donated Neo to the London Hackspace Robotics group. We keep this information around for historical reference.

System Stats

Neo is a 2008-era eMachines mini-tower computer with the following hardware:

  • Intel Desktop D945GCCR motherboard (OEM version) specifications here
  • 3.2 ghz (2MB cache) Pentium 4 Netburst single-core CPU (64 bit capable)
  • 2GB memory (2x1GB DIMMs) - motherboard upgradable only to 4GB
  • 160GB Western Digital WD1600JS-00S Hard Drive
  • 100 megabit ethernet adapter

Remote access to the server is by ssh via its replacement Novo.

Creating Neo has the original details of how the system was set up. If you want to set up another Debian system or understand how neo was originally setup, it's a worthwhile guide.

Labelwriter describes how the label printer was installed and set up.

Plans for neo

First of all, it's a place for the intended database of workshop tools and equipment. To store the data, we need a structure and a web front end to be written. Dan is managing this project, using django and python. We intend to host the group mailing list on Neo, using Mailman.

The server is currently hosting a version of Minetest, the open-source version of Minecraft. Point a Minetest client at to get started.

Later on, the server could be used for hosting community information, if the internet access proves to be satisfactory.

The server could also monitor activity and power usage in Little House, if we build some sensors and interfaces.

We can also use it to set up https using LetsEncrypt

Or as a general playground to learn server system administration stuff. Here's notes from Andres: