Skills Needed

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What are you waiting for, come join us!

We need you!

Diverse skills and enthusiasm creates a wonderful environment for us all. Please come by and tell us what you can do, we're young, small, and appreciate your contribution.

Wonderful skills that we are short of:

  • Knitting / Sewing / Fabrics Knowledge
  • Craftwork knowledge
  • Woodworking
  • DIY skills
  • Guerilla Gardening / Civic Improvement
  • Etc.


We lack some soft biology skills, there are plenty of community projects that could be of interest.

Interior Architect / Designer

We need help in making the space in and around Little House both usable and enjoyable. Can you help us? Do you know how we can source materials to improve the kitchen and interior? We're putting a bit of love into a space that has been neglected for a number of years.

System Administrator / IT Architects

Internet-enabled systems are everywhere now. We're searching for experts to teach others on how to best leverage our networked world.

Business Development & Project Management

If you're not handy in the shop, perhaps you're handy with office management and organisation. We welcome your guidance and focus the group towards a positive outcome. Not only in creating a collaborative, positive image but being able to execute creatively for our unique space. Balancing the thinking and doing of a small but enthusiastic group.