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Hiya hiya - member of RML since December 2015 and was a member of London Hackspace from 2014-2019.

Things that I can potentially help/mentor on:

  • Linux / Unix and Network Integration
  • Variety of Daemons (qmail, apache24, nginx, samba, etc.)
  • Internet Co-Operatives such as
  • VOIP with Asterisk (Both infrastructure and telephone endpoints)
  • CCTV with Shinobi, ZoneMinder, or DIY approaches (Both back-end daemon setup as well as choosing cameras)
  • High Performance Computing / Technical Computing Workflows (Animation / EDA-Semiconductors / Bioinformatics / Finance)
  • Too much knowledge on computer storage systems and data management (Small to medium to large exabyte setups)
  • Technical Diplomacy, Evangelism & Stewardship / How to Present (for fun and profit)

I also really enjoy amateur radio, jokes, and like the fun.

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