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Peter M here,

I love, play, and now make, videogames, and am looking to continue making them as well as other software over the coming years.

My bits on the WWW

For the moment I'm making my own entirely by myself through the use of Unity/C#, and am placing them on my GameJolt page under the moniker of PrivatePirate.

Also I do artsy stuff, which is being put up sporadically over here.

What I can do/help with

As of writing this, I'm able to program in these languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • Lua
  • Python ~ (A bit rusty, not a fan, but can do)
  • AS3 ~ (Same as above)
  • PHP/MySQL ~ (Had to learn for a course project, can do simple stuff with it)
  • HTML/CSS ~ (Just learnt the basics)

And for art stuff, here's another list:

  • Vector, done in Inkscape
  • Traditional Paper/Pen
  • Basic Image editing, in GIMP
  • Graphic Design

Current Project/s with RML

  • For the moment I'm working on Bird Feeder Game
  • For other RML projects I'll be able to help, but until I finish my final Uni Year coming up, it will be sporadic and mostly help through examples/talk.