Why we need new members

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  1. To make things more interesting
  2. To bring new skills
  3. To demonstrate the benefit local people get from RML to RHP & LBRUT so that our needs are met if Ham Close uplift happens (therefore more local the better).
  4. To demonstrate the number of people that RML benefits more generally (to the local council etc) so that if we ever come to their attention we are more positively treated.
  5. To demonstrate that we need exclusive use of any space because we can't share (so the more often we use the space the better)
  6. To demonstrate we need MORE space for other things A full woodwork shop or garage type activities perhaps.
  7. So that if we face the need to pay rent/rates/utilities we have a greater membership base to divide those costs by.


We if it gets too crowded on Tuesday evenings we can always open more days. But we need people to volunteer their time to open up shop weekly.