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Looking at Little House down Ham Close from Ashburnham Road
 Little House,
 Ham Close
 TW10 7NU

Lattitude, Longitude: 51.437478, -0.317049


Little House is off Ham Close near to the junction of Sheridan Road and Ashburnham Road. It is the low building with a pointed roof in between taller blocks of flats (Hornby House and Hawkins House). There is a car park beside it and you may park there for free.

Entrance to Little House is through the white painted metal gates from the car park - if the gate is open then someone is in, but during the winter the door will be closed to conserve heat - and it can be a bit stiff! Knock loudly and someone will push from the inside as well!

Please note - there are two roads both called Ham Close, side by side (so if you can't find us you likely have the wrong Ham Close)! - The correct one will have a sign with "Ham Friends Club" pointing towards Little House on the western Ham Close from Ashburnham Road.


Travel to Little House by Bus
  • TFL Bus Map for Ham
  • Bus 371 (Recommended)
    • Ashburnham Road (Stop W) - comes from Richmond or Kingston Station.
  • Bus 65
    • Sandy Lane (Stops N and S) - comes from Kew Bridge, Richmond, Ealing Broadway, South Ealing, Kingston stations
  • Bus K5
    • Stops P & Q - comes from Morden, Raynes Park, or Kingston Station.