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Richmond MakerLabs

A community workshop in the middle of Ham, Richmond, Surrey Open to all.
No monthly subscription just a minimum suggested donation of £1 per visit. Come to learn, teach, ask, make, mend or talk.

What would you do in our space?
thumb What could you do in this space?

Meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 7:30pm and every other Friday from Midday at Little House, Ham Close, Ham, Richmond, TW10 7NY

Meetings on other evenings are possible if sufficient interest is shown

Next meeting dates

  • Our main open day every Tuesday at 19.30 to 23:00:
    • Tuesday January 30
  • Linux,_BSD_and_Open_Source Meeting on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at 19.30 to 22:00:
    • Monday 8 January
    • Monday 22 January
    • Monday 12 February
    • Monday 26 February

How To Find Us

Map and Directions



Related Websites

Local Help and Resouces

About Us

  • Richmond MakerLabs is for people with an interest in DIY and craft. We want to hear from you if you are interested in carpentry, biohacking, chemistry gardening, knitting... We are all-inclusive!
  • RML could also be considered as a digitally-enabled arts and crafts club, hackspace, a hackerspace, a makerspace, a making laboratory, and a making community.
  • Do you need help with anything electrical, mechanical or technical? Or can you offer such help? Contact us or just drop in to a meeting!
  • We welcome people from all over the area.
  • Read more About Us
  • Get in touch via our Contact page.
  • Interested in signing up and becoming a member? Join us, it's easy!

Group Interests

Contributions from the Community

Richmond MakerLabs is a part of Ham United Group (HUG) Community Interest Company, founded in 2006. Its aim is to improve and enhance the environment and quality of life for the community in Ham and Petersham.

Other Contributions

Laser cutter kindly on loan by Kim the Crafty Chameleon

Office equipment and technology kindly provided by Cisco UK

Web Hosting of RML has been kindly donated by Bitfolk Ltd.

Broadband at RML has been kindly donated by Andrews&Arnold Ltd

Two hand drills kindly donated by Hitachi PowerTools UK
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