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If you fancy helping the space there are a number of projects we have ongoing.

One off tasks

Please ask me (Andy) to add tasks rather than editing directly so I know about them.

Machine Tasks Lead Person notes
Laser cutter Replace Catches
Extra stepper for Rotational Acces
Andy IanM has an idea about the extra stepper
Draper Drill Press Several, see it's page Andy https://wiki.richmondmakerlabs.uk/index.php/Draper_HD19_/16BF_Drill_Press
Lathe Belt tensioning and speed board tuning IanM
Wood CNC New table/ work holding
Test and commission
Denford CNCs Andy PaulE and Steve kindly helping
Geetech Sort Z axis Andrew In progress
Zombie Printer New Extruder Andy Looking for a donation of a new extruder as suspect someone has one lying around?
Branding Stickers and signs Andy/ Ed Need to ratify branding for RML overall
IT Largely in hadn
Policies and Procedures Andy
New Building Andy Largely in hand but need to communicate to group progress
Finances Andy Largely in hand but need to speak to group about the future in the new space
Power Drill New Jon/ Andy Source Drill (Impact Driver)
Admin System Backups and maintenance
Match regular to users
Andy/ PeterH

Table is created using https://www.tablesgenerator.com/mediawiki_tables

Regular maintenance tasks

- Vacuum and tidy - Take recycling to bins outside - Take rubbish home - Clean Toilet - Dump visits for wood/ WEEE etc - Restock on items e.g. blue roll

Donations Wanted

Just in case people have excess, or feeling they want to help, rather than purchasing.

  • Extruder for Zombie Printer
  • Catches for Laser
  • Contact cleaner
  • Gaffa tape
  • Better taps and dies
  • Blue roll (never seemes enough)