Equipment and Tool Defect List

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Equipment & Tool Defect and Repairs List
Tool / Equipment Snag Date Reported By Reported To Fixed By Date Fixed Comments
Zombie 3D printer X-axis motor drive 17/05/2022 Ian B Ian B 23/05/2022
Zombie 3D printer X-axis motor drive 26/05/2022 Andy Andy Andy 31/05/2022
Geetech 3D printer Thermistor replacement 26/05/2022 Andy Andy Andy 31/05/2022
Tenon saw Broken & blunt 02/06/2022 Chris R Chris R Ian B 22/06/2022
Laser Cutter Red light intermittant 16/06/2022 Kim Ian B Andy / Ian B 21/06/2022
Lathe Blows 10A fuse 19/07/2022 Ian B Ian B Ian B's working on it ...
Dremel Broken attachments + not chucking them 26/07/2022 Raphael Ian B Ian M 02/08/2022 Replaced broken collet. Many Dremel tool bits are wear items and are expected to wear out or break - please report if supplies of any specific type are running low.

Transcribed from the paper Equipment Snags list on the cloakroom door. If there is no date fixed, please assume the item is still unavailable. This is not a 'live' defect list, and tools/equipment may fail unexpectedly between its update and your intended visit.

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