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Hi, I'm Ian M,

I'm just another RML member who's reasonably competent with electronics, including digital and MCUs, computers and mechanical stuff, after a couple of decades in the consumer electronics service trade.

Other interests include sailing and boat maintenance - not that I do much nowadays - and reading SF. I used to be seriously into Sinclair 8 bit computers, and still have a fair bit of vintage Sinclair kit, in various states of operability. I also have a few vintage PCs.

My motto should probably be: "Knows entirely too much about not enough subjects!"

My main project last year (2022) was assembling, tuning and upgrading a £99 3D printer, and learning the necessary software to fully use it.

I'm collecting my OpenSCAD notes here.

My CJ18A mini-lathe notes are here. I'm now one of the Lathe trainers and maintainers. Thanks IanB for my Induction back in 2022.

I've also got some notes on Running Atmel Studio 4 on Win10.

Back in 2021, I was doing some stuff with a WiFi 'tethered' Arduino robot.

Stuff that doesn't have its own page yet


[Hard to Bond Plastics?] - Henkel (Loctite)'s notes on bonding difficult plastics, surface treatments etc.

Soldering & Brazing

[Soldering And Brazing] by 'Tubal Cain' (a pen-name of Tom Walsh), Workshop Practice series #09, Argus Books, ISBN-10: 0852428456

Screw Fasteners

Screw Drives - Wikipedia's list of screw head/driver types. Good for finding the proper name for that obscure screw head so you can try to buy a driver for it!