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Finance Discussion


  • Pepe (HUG Treasurer) to find out about posting account number online to receive standing order donations.
  • Direct debit is too much at the moment.
  • Find out about being a charity (forget why is relevant) but we are a CIC
  • Procedure to follow
    • Write up net contribution to date
    • Write up items spent
    • Keep receipts
    • Paul B. Will take the left over money to the coop bank in Kingston and pick a receipt. Set a Date Range.
    • We all populate a spreadsheet of money in and money out. Of that same date range.
    • Someone sends the electronic copy of spreadsheet and bank receipt to treasurer.
    • Keep hard copies of everything.
  • Andres to circulate the spreadsheet template and the expense claim template. DONE use this link also link to Membership forms.
  • We need a place to store hard copies of receipts.
  • If we need to take money out approval will be needed from other HUG directors outside Makerlabs. HUG directors in Makerlabs at the moment are Andres, Paul B. and Carl

Ham Close Uplift

  • Trudy from Richmond Council and RHP representatives are visiting Ham Close to understand what is being done 16th Of February 2016 . Please have any questions you might have ready for them and be ready to answer questions and show them around.

Otherwise, normal day.

  • Jill (HUG chair) talking to Adeola (Babcok Richmond Council Facilities manager) mentioned about the possibility of some facility expense might come our way. water and electricity. Maybe. more info to come.

Other Present actions

  • Ryan OK to spend 25 pounds of RML's funds on equipment, we need to understand the need for a really high spec machine, from new components vs. a mid spec one from up-cycled parts.
  • Mailman email distribution system to continue running on Little house server: a key reason to keep the server online.
    • New users from now on will receive a post acknowledgement.
    • Other users can request to have this done on their account. If you don't know how, ask Andres and we will find out.
    • This will help us know when mailman is down.
  • ISP:
    • Will wait for answer from AAISP
    • This will replace our existing line. The advantage is that we will be customers then and can request to have lines fixed.
  • Ian B. to sent a link of the recent updates of the pages. Basically look at this page: Special:RecentChanges. this will help to see what others are doing when not online.
  • Members to get User accounts and update their user profile to put their skills. Check Ian B., Andres and Ryan for examples.
  • On the subject Tuesday evenings are starting to get a bit busy so as a trial we will run a couple of extra days a week:
    • Wednesday evenings will be sponsored by Harriet for hardware hackers.
    • Thursday evenings will be sponsored byJon and Terry.
    • Wednesdays and Thursdays will be 8pm-10pm shorter sessions for the time being. Intent is that users on these evenings will be moderately independent, and those who need help are encouraged to stick with Tuesdays where more help is available across a wider range of experts.
    • Another day will be a day of a joint meet up to work on one particular community project.
    • Copies of keys will need to be made Paul B. has the codes. In the mean time Andres will be made available to open up.

Long term future plans / Ethos

  • A article recently found. This seems to be an accurate representation. We will continue to have better tools.
  • What do people want out of the space? What does it need?
    • Space X3 (clear desk policy, better use of office)
    • More diversity
    • Organized storage
  • Quick proposal to improve Space:
    • Shed outside of the space.
    • Label more boxes: separate project boxes.
    • 3 week shelf: what ever is not used in 3 weeks Harriet will take to WEE recycling. Colour code like Reading: RED, GREEN, BLUE
  • Social help: Carl to create an A4 sheet of contacts to have available for people not our main perview but it comes with being a community project. Links to samaritans, shelter and other organizations.

House keeping

  • Some one needs to volunteer in checking and/or purchasing more toilet consumables.
  • Bin liners need to be used in bins
  • Trash needs to be taken out - and removed from site - taken home for disposal, we can no longer rely on RHP to do this.
  • Toilet and kitchen needs to be cleaned.
  • More shelves
  • Do this meet at least every 6 months. Next time we can call ahead so that they can have paninnis.


  • Carl recomends looking up a cool company with great design that really helps people: Coloplast.
  • Harriet has a great idea for a new project: Carbon Footprint Pedometre
  • Reminder of existing Current_Projects and ideas for future ones.
  • Ryan pointed towards this video that talks about organizing hackers paces. could be interesting for design requirements for future development. hackerspace design patterns.