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N.B. This wiki needs a spring clean and the information on this page may be (considerably) out of date.

RML is the Debian 8 (jessie) VPS system hosted at Bitfolk, Ltd. The hosted system allows us to be less dependent on the broadband at Little House and is a complement to our local server resources in Little House.

Websites hosted on RML:

Bitfolk, Ltd. has been very kind in donating the resources (bandwidth, power, and compute resources) that make the VPS possible, they are friendly to makers, experimenters and technical organisations.

We do (or will) run

  • Apache 2.4 HTTP/HTTPS - Use LetsEncrypt certificate for SSL
  • SMTP / IMAP(S) / POP3(S) - Use same SSL cert as above
    • Using Postfix for MTA
    • Using Fetchmail for Mailing list fetching - not if we already have it local to the system!
    • Using GNU Mailman for mailing list management - Note that archives are available only to members - please email the list owner for a username / password
  • Minetest (Minecraft-like) Services - did we migrate this? Or are we still running it on Novo?
  • OpenLDAP in the future for membership account management and device enablement (maybe not yet!)


  • Setup rsync to Server_Novo for remote replication of our configuration / mail archives / web content
  • Migrate from hosted mail and domain DNS to VPS
  • Add IPv6 functionality (currently forcing SMTP to use IPv4 at the moment as our forward and reverse DNS do not match in IPv6-world)